Another Democrat’s Campaign Finally Ends

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has been convicted of extortion. This should put a definite end to his attempt to run for the Democratic nomination for President.

Alexandra Chalupa, who was involved in Avenatti’s abortive campaign effort in Iowa, was unavailable for comment.

Iowa Analysis

The Democrats are in trouble. Right now, the “youngster” in their race will be just short of her 70th birthday on Inauguration Day. Their other guy is a genuine Socialist.

Ted Cruz won because he got more votes that the other Republican candidates. (Duh.) He won because he got more of his voter to the poles. There was a record turnout, and the pundits were saying that should favor Trump. But Trump went in for self-promotion while Cruz got out the vote.

Congratulations Rep. Bachman

And thanks for beating Ron Paul.

OTOH, history shows that someone with experience running a large bureaucratic organization does better as POTUS, for example, General Eisenhower or Governor Reagan, than someone with just legislative experience, such as Senators Johnson (A. or L. B.) or Senator Obama. I’m still in favor of a governor, perhaps Palin or Perry.