Joe Biden Frustrated?

Politico would have us believe so. They’ve got a post up that leads with this:

President Joe Biden and his aides have grown increasingly frustrated by their inability to turn the tide against a cascade of challenges threatening to overwhelm the administration.

From the tone of their post you get the impression they think that’s a bad thing.

Binger vis-a-vis Kimberlin

I’ve been holding off on commenting on the Rittenhouse trial, but I want to report a remark made by a lawyer friend of mine, Aaron Walker. Aaron said, “I owe Brett Kimberlin an apology. I said that he was the most incompetent litigator I had ever seen and that no lawyer could ever handle the examination of a witness as poorly as Kimberlin did in our trial. I retract that statement.”

Trying to Bully a Bully

In a thoroughly incompetent attempt to look tough, Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Advisor Sullivan made a point of insulting the Chinese delegation during a joint press conference prior to a high-level meeting in Anchorage this week. They were surprised when the Chinese responded, in kind and more effectively.

The Gentle Reader who has followed this blog for a while will surely remember that I advocate giving bullies a dose of their own medicine. However, if one doesn’t have the means to strike back effectively, a weak response will only encourage the bully’s belief in his own superiority and entitlement. If one cannot strike effectively, one should hold until an effective response is possible. Joe Xiden’s team wound up demonstrating to the Chinese just how weak and incompetent the new U.S. foreign policy team is.

Fred Fleitz has a post reviewing the disaster in Alaska. He notes

[t]he Alaska press event was a debacle that will build a perception that the US is returning to Jimmy Carter-like incompetence in foreign policy. It also confirms claims by Biden critics that his foreign policy team is headed by inept second and third-string Obama retreads.

America’s enemies are watching and planning how to cash in on President Biden’s weak and incompetent foreign policy.

Is it 2025 yet?

UPDATE—I hate autocorrupt. I fixed the first sentence. It now reads “look tough.”


While I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, I found a minor tempest in the Twitter teapot over Chris Cuomo’s outrage about being called “Fredo.”

Doesn’t Fredo have a viable claim for defamation for being lumped with Cuomo?