Yes, In One Sense It’s Donald Trump’s America

And Donald Trump’s America contains the following:

Kate Brown’s Oregon which contains
Ted Wheeler’s Portland

Jay Insee’s Washington which contains
Jenny Durkan’s Seattle

Gavin Newsom’ California which contains
Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles and
London Breed’s San Francisco

J. B. Pritzker’s Illinois which contains
Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Andrew Cuomo’s New York which contains
Bill de Blasio’s New York City

Tony Evers’ Wisconsin which contains
John Antaramian’s Kenosha

In fact, Trump’s America contains 50 states with thousands of their own political subdivisions over which the President of the United States has no direct control of local affairs—but the local elected officials should. Whether local officials do or not exercise control or whether they are effective or not is generally not a federal question.

And in Other Election News …

CBS reports that Kanye West appears to have collected enough signatures to be on the ballot as an independent candidate for President in his home state of Illinois this November. Just splitting the Democrats’ vote in Chicago alone could be decisive this fall. If Kanye gets on the ballot in a few more blue states, I’m gonna have to buy some more popcorn futures.

Important Civil Rights Victory

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling striking down the Illinois law preventing the carrying of handguns in public. Last fall, that court gave the state a 180-day stay in the ruling to allow the legislature to enact a new law that would pass constitutional muster. If the legislature fails to act soon, Illinois will join Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, and Arizona as a constitutional carry state.

I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

As of the New Year, Illinois residents while have to produce photo ID in order to buy drain cleaner. The law, which took effect Sunday, requires those who seek to buy caustic or noxious substances, except for batteries, to provide government-issued photo identification that shows their name and date of birth. The cashier then must log the name and address, the date and time of the purchase, the type of product, the brand and even the net weight.

The City Square asks if the new law is racist. After all, if a photo ID requirement for voting is  racist, isn’t this also. The poor, minorities, and the elderly need to buy Drano just like the rest of us.