A Wrap-up on the Party

Thanks for all of your good wishes for a happy birthday. Please accept my wishes for a Happy New Year in return and my thanks to all the Lickspittles, Zombies, and other friends who stopped by, especially those at the virtual party in the comment section.

It’s been a pleasant gathering of a diverse bunch of people. The guests included a beekeeper, a professional photographer, an architect, a clinical psychologist, an church music director, a graduate student, a stock broker, a lawyer, a high school shop teacher, a medical records clerk, a warehouse worker, a pharmacy technician, and a professional drummer among others. I know a broad range of interesting people.

The food was excellent, and I think I going to have another serving of that trifle that one of our friends made before I pack it in for the night.

Another Year Older (and Deeper in Debt)

So I survived my 65th birthday yesterday, and the country is over the fiscal cliff. Oh well, Mrs. Hoge threw a nice party for me, our traditional New Year’s Eve open house.

There were guests from many slices of our lives such as friends from church, Mrs. Hoge’s gardening and beekeeping, and my amateur radio and blogging. The food was great, and the mix of company made for an interesting evening.

Happy New Year, everyone!