More Killings in a Gun Free Zone

Reports say that 10 or more people, including the shooter, are dead as a result of a mass killing in the gun free zone know as Umpqua Community College. Apparently, a criminal who was willing kill people was not deterred by the campus rule against firearms.

The usual suspects are already running their mouths and keyboards suggesting that we need more gun free zones and that restricting the ability of most people to defend themselves with a firearm is the best way to prevent future gun free zone killings.

UPDATE—CBS News is reporting that law enforcement says the shooter was a 26-year-old named Chris Harper Mercer. The Roseburg, Oregon, News Review reports that he asked victims their religions before shooting them.

An Aurora Copycat?

The Prince George’s County cops have arrested someone who appears to have been planning an copycat shooting at his former employer’s business.

That’s PG County, Maryland. Maryland is a state which does not recognize the Second Amendment, a state which is appealing the federal court ruling that its carry permit (denial) law is unconstitutional. It’s a state that works to keep its citizens disarmed, providing a low-threat, target-rich environment for a wacko who might want to perpetrate a mass shooting.

I’m thankful that enough of the right people were paying attention to the potential troublemaker’s warning signs. It’s much better that he is in the hospital undergoing a psych evaluation rather than having lots of other people in the hospital recovering from wounds and others in the morgue.

UPDATE—Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned takes note of the MSM’s renewed interest in keeping guns away from the mentally ill.

They want to define their political opponents down. See, you can’t possibly be sane if you have a different opinion on public policy. If you’re not sane, well, we can’t trust you with firearms. It’s as simple as that …

Well, I can agree that crazies shouldn’t have guns. We should probably ban firearm possession by any suffering from hoplophobia.