Do Something!

One of the most offensive things that I’ve heard from certain quarters on the Left is that we Conservatives who say that we pray for the victims of mass shootings should “do something” instead. As someone who believes in the efficacy of prayer, I believe that praying is doing something.

Moreover, the Left also generally implies that we Conservative don’t want legislative action taken to make mass shootings or gun violence less likely, and that’s simply not true. The rejection of flawed proposals from the Left by thoughtful Conservatives is not a call to do nothing. Rather, we propose solutions which involve moving away from failed policies and repealing ineffective (or actually harmful) laws.

For example, the elimination of gun-free zones allows people to better defend themselves. A mass shooting was nipped in the bud at a church near Nashville a few days ago by a concealed carry permit holder who resisted the shooter.

So it is time to do something. Let those of us who pray do so, and let’s all of us demand that Congress repeal and replace federal laws and regulations that cannot be shown to have improved public safety and demand that Congress exercise its authority under the Fourteenth Amendment to preempt state laws which deprive citizens of their rights under the Second Amendment.

How Not to Sell Gun Control

Scott Adams has a post up that looks at the problems the two major parties have reaching any compromise on gun control. His analysis boils down to

But Democrats are unlikely to talk Republicans out of gun ownership because it comes off as “Put down your gun so I can shoot you.”

Read the whole thing.

It’s Time To Rerun This Post

Originally Posted on 16 January, 2013

Questions I Ask Folks Favoring Gun Control

1. I’ve survived a gunfight; have you?

2. I’ve run out of ammunition and had to change magazines during a gunfight; have you?

3. Why do you want to limit the ability of a law-abiding citizen to survive being attacked by a criminal?

4. Have you ever fired a pistol or revolver?

5. Have you ever fired a rifle?

6. Have you ever fired a shotgun?

7. What kind of firearm is easiest to use in a confined space?

8. What kind of firearm is easiest to shoot accurately?

9. Why do you want to limit a citizen’s ability to choose the safest and most effective firearm for his particular circumstances?

10. What kind of ammunition is most likely to incapacitate the person shot while reducing the danger to bystanders?

11. Why do you want to limit a citizen’s ability to choose the safest and most effective ammunition for his particular circumstances?

12. Are you a hoplophobe?