Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Continuing with our series of Team Kimberlin’s failures to properly adhere to the Nine Principles of Warfare in its campaign of lawfare, let’s consider mass.

Mass – Concentrate the effects of combat power at the decisive place and time. Commanders select the method that best fits the circumstances. Massed effects overwhelm the entire enemy or adversary force before it can react effectively.

—U. S. Army FM 3-0

The closest that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin came to the proper application of mass was a series of actions he tried to take against me during the late winter and spring of 2015. Shortly after Mrs. Hoge’s health problems became publicly known, the attack opened with bogus emails to the Director of Goddard Space Flight Center and the Administrator of NASA about me. This was followed up with a false peace order petition, the second RICO LOLsuit, false complaints about my business and personal Twitter accounts, the second state LOLsuit, and a false criminal complaint against me. While there was an attempt to sorta/kinda synchronize the various activities, but the effort failed because of half-assed implementation. The power applied was not overwhelming, and it was not applied in a decisive or timely manner.

I can’t say anymore about the emails to NASA other than they backfired. The peace order petition was a bit of a hassle, but my lawyer dealt with it handily. The second RICO LOLsuit was a poorly drafted loser which required a trivial amount of my time to defend pro se compared to the first RICO case. I’m back on Twitter, and Twitter has apologized to me. My lawyer got the second state lawsuit dismissed based on res judicata, meaning that the court found that the case was an improper, redundant suit. That finding sets up several interesting possibilities for actions I might take in response. Best of all, the criminal charge was dropped for lack of evidence.

Thus, rather than massing his assets in a coordinated, effective way, TDPK wasted time and effort and wound up exposing himself to counter-action. The Gentle Reader should not be surprised if that counter-action comes from more than one direction at once, effectively coordinated in accordance with the principle of mass.