Obamacar–The Market’s Current Resistance to Volts

20120910-122229.jpgGM is idling the plant that makes Chevy Volts. This could be a huge money saver for the company; it loses $49,000 on each Volt sold.

GM has produced an over-designed, under-performing, politically-correct vehicle that they are trying to sell for twice the price of a Honda Insight or entry-level Toyota Prius. Unexpectedly (to borrow a word from Prof. Reynolds), the Volt isn’t selling like hot cakes.

Math is hard, but most car buyers seem to understand the problem with the arithmetic of the Obamacar.

UPDATE–Erika Johnsen at Hot Air believes that the Volt might have turned out better without federal government meddling.

Ya’ think?

Ryan 1, MSM/Obama 0

I was favorably impressed by Paul Ryan’s convention speech. It was quite effective, so effective that Team Obama and the MSM began counterattacking immediately. They’ve picked the wrong point of attack.

While listening to WETA-FM this morning (a classic music station, my iPod goes from Bach to Wagner), I heard the NPR newsreader at the 7:30 break mention that Rep. Ryan had blamed the President for the plant closing even though the plant had closed while George Bush was in office.

Wrong. The plant closed in June, 2009, as part of the GM restructuring. NPR isn’t the only MSM outlet spreading the Obama campaign’s false claim. Twitchy has a good collection of Democrat and MSM tweets and the conservative pushback.

They’ve lost control of the narrative. They’re panicking.

Is it November yet?

UPDATE–The ad almost writes itself. “We had good jobs until Obama and Government Motors shut down the plant here in Janesville …”


UPDATE 3–Prof. Jacobson fact checks the fact checker. It isn’t pretty.

UPDATE 4–After checking my iPod, I find that it goes from Albinoni to Zappa. Yes, Frank Zappa was a serious composer who did some interesting work with Pierre Boulez.

UPDATE 5–Stacy McCain:

They are a disgrace to the profession to which they claim to belong. Truth matters. Truth is precious and powerful. Liars are a dime a dozen.

This Might Be a Better Investment Strategy

If you had invested in the recent GM IPO, your dollar would now be worth about 54 cents. Jazz Shaw takes note of Government Motors’ poor performance and the general lack of success of the Obama administration in picking sound investments.

I keep thinking that two companies that should do well this year are Exxon and Perdue. I see a real increase in the demand for tar and feathers.