Which Choice Are You Pro?

All of us are pro-choice to the extent that we believe that we should be free to choose the way we wish. The anarchists among us would agree with that point of view wholeheartedly. Libertarians might moderate that to the extent of limiting choices that affect another person. At the other end of the spectrum, nanny-statists and Progressives would say that choice must be limited by their understanding of what is good for us, by which they really mean the choices they choose.

At the silly end of things, nanny-statists such as Mayor Bloomberg want to take away your right to choose a Big Gulp. They argue that it’s bad for your health and that you’ll be a burden on the healthcare system, yada, yada, yada. At the serious end of things, they want to take away your right to choose to defend yourself with a modern sporting rifle loaded with a normal capacity magazine. They argue that … umm … well, actually they don’t have a logical argument; they just don’t like the idea that you might have a gun. They have to make a stretch to bring some other party’s interest to limit your choices.

OTOH, most Progressives favor a right for a mother to end the life of her child in utero. For those of us who look at the DNA of a child and see a member of our species from conception, it’s clear that an abortion affects an innocent party. Others may disagree about when that child deserves protection, but essentially no one advocates the killing of viable children born alive. The question of when to protect a child’s life is one of those inconvenient questions that many would rather not wrestle with.

That, I think, is the reason for the main stream media’s avoidance of the Gosnell murder cases. It brings that question into focus.

On Political Correctness

When someone would point out an “inconvenient truth” to the left-wing folks I used to hang out with back in the ’60s (I’m a recovering Democrat), they would be told that it could not be discussed because “that’s not politically correct.” Truth has never been a defense to political incorrectness. Only those stories which advance the “proper” narrative may be spoken.

We see the result of that perverse approach in much of what passes for main stream journalism today. If coverage of the trial of a physician accused of mass murder might cause people to stop and think about what happens to babies in an abortion “clinic,” the story must be spiked. If it turns out that a District Attorney wasn’t murdered by right-wing extremists … we’ll be back after these brief messages. If the wacko who shot the congresswoman is a crazed lefty … [crickets]

The printing press broke a stranglehold on information by allowing the mass production and distribution of books, etc., but even into the 20th century, there were still relatively few mass media outlets. The Internet is changing that. Inconvenient facts are becoming harder to hide.

The truth is out there.