A Special Offer

Now that folks are removing portraits of Speakers of the House who wound up siding with the Confederacy and defacing or destroying monuments to Confederate soldiers and politicians, there’s a movement afoot to eliminate memorials honoring former presidents who were slave owners. It may be that some of the Gentle Readers are among those who agree with the idea of no longer celebrating such presidents and who are embarrassed by having portraits such as these in their possession.As a special service to those Readers, they may send me any such offending portraits of Andrew Jackson, and I will arrange for their safe handling. I am also willing to process similar portraits of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Offending portraits may be sent to the snail mail address shown on the DMCA Contact page.

UPDATE—I can also handle processing portraits of any former Secretary of the Treasury who married into a slave-holding family, any former Postmaster General who owned slaves, or any former President who ended Reconstruction.

Don’t Know Much About History

The 1619 Project is a leftist attempt to rewrite History to sell the false narrative that the United States was founded to protect the institution of slavery. While it has been promoted by outlets such as the New York Times, it has generally be repudiated by professional historians, including intellectually honest leftists. However, it has gained  a following among the ill-informed.BTW, George Washington’s will provided for the emancipation of his slaves. He was the only slave owner among the Founding Father to do so.