News From Lake Wobegon

I don’t usually agree with Garrison Keillor on politics, but occasionally he has an insightful comment worth passing on. I heard this characterization of the Republican primaries on WAMU’s rebroadcast of A Prairie Home Companion while driving home from church today:

A Mormon running against a polygamist.

Bullseye, Mr. Keillor!

UPDATE—The pundits made a rather safe prediction that Romney would lead in the Nevada caucuses partly because of the large number of Mormons in the state. Ed Morrissey has a review of the aftermath. His take and that of the folks he quotes is that Gingrich blew his response to Romney’s win. He quotes Victor Davis Hanson:

Verdict? Gingrich is going to have to stop the accusations now, turn attention away from himself, stop complaining about the mechanics of the race, stick with critiquing Obama, and at least seem a good sport when he loses.

He also cites Dick Armey comments on CNN:

I thought that last night was really [sad] for him. Quite frankly again so much of Newt’s whole life is overstated, he overstates the case in such a hyperbolic fashion, it just looks vindictive.

Gingrich may be an excellent debater, but he’s beginning to look like a loosing candidate to me. I haven’t made up my mind about how to vote in the primary when Maryland’s turn comes, but my choice will be driven by William F. Buckley’s rule to vote “for the most conservative candidate who can win.”