Michelle Blows Her Dog Whistle

But she’s not calling Barack’s dinner. Instead, she’s suggesting that we give up a pizza dinner so that we can contribute the cost to the reelection campaign. Ann Althouse has the details.

One of her commenters points out how this is Democrat anti-Republican code.

Skipping pizza? Those are CODE WORDS. Remember, Mitt Romney = Domino’s and Herman Cain = Godfather’s. And don’t forget that Papa John’s guy and his Obamacare doom…

Just so.

Supper is already planned for this evening, but I think we’ll have pizza tomorrow evening.

You Can Take This to the Bank

The NYT reports that the Romney campaign now has a significant cash advantage over the President’s.

Mitt Romney’s cash advantage over President Obama and the Democrats more than doubled in July, as intense Republican fund-raising and heavy spending by Mr. Obama and his allies left Mr. Romney and the Republican National Committee with $62 million more in the bank than the Democrats at the end of last month.

Cash isn’t Mitt Romney’s only advantage. More and more, Barack Obama is being called on his false statements and shoddy campaign tactics. And then there’s the VP nominees.

Is it November yet?


The San Francisco Chronicle is continuing to feud with the White House over “transparency.”

The Obama White House’s restrictions on media access to its fundraising events makes a mockery of its claim to be the most transparent administration in history.

If anything, there is almost a Nixonian quality to the level of control, paranoia—and lack of credibility—this White House has demonstrated on the issue of media access to President Obama’s fundraisers.

It’s unusual for me to defend the Obama administration, but it is the most transparent of my experience. I don’t have any problem seeing through what they’re doing.

UPDATE–More from Howard Portnoy here