Rule 5 and Trees

Over at The Other McCain, Wombat has a Rule 5 link to a post at A View from the Beach about the trees the Maryland Forest Service will give to homeowner to plant for erosion control. Mrs. Hoge was involved in the Backyard Buffers program through her work with the Maryland Forestry Foundation and as president of our county’s Forestry Board.

Speaking of Mrs. Hoge and the forest, here’s a picture of her taken on a hike in the Catoctin Mountain Park, not far from Camp David.

Arbor Day and Mrs. Hoge

Today is Arbor Day, and the Carroll County Forestry Board will be having a ceremony in a local park honoring Mrs. Hoge and her service to that organization, the State Forestry Board Foundation, and the Governor’s Sustainable Forestry Commission.  My son and I will be attending.

Blogging may be slight today.