Stormy Daniels v. Trump News

It’s no surprise that Stormy Daniels is opposing the award of attorneys’ fees to Donald Trump in her failed defamation case against him. There’s a bit of lawfare irony in one of the cases her creepy porn lawyer cites in the motion opposing the fees and sanctions sought. (H/T, BullyVille)

Great work, Neal!

Neal Rauhauser Loses Again

The Texas Supreme Court has denied Neal Rauhauser’s petition for review of the Appeals Court’s ruling setting aside the $150,000 (originally $1,300,000) sanction he was awarded against James McGibney and ordering him to pay McGibney’s fees and costs instead.

Here’s the order. Scroll down to page 4.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

UPDATE—Corrected the amount of the sanction and added a link to the Appeals Court ruling.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, and six years ago today, I ran this post about Talking Like Dread Pirate #Brett Kimberlin.

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Arrrrgh! None of the rest of his crew were available for comment.

Bonus Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It’s amazing how incompetent the members of Team Kimberlin are at lying. You’d think that given all the practice they’ve had, they’d be experts. But, no, they tell whoppers that are easily disproved. Here’s an example of some of Neal Rauhauser’s feeble fiction.

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I haven’t had much to say about First Mate Neal Rauhauser of late, but he’s put up a post on his blog today (No, I won’t link to it.) that contains some nonsense related to Team Kimberlin’s harassment of me.

Only one of the peace orders was ever approved and it denies the right of a journalist to even mention someone by name on Twitter. The judge appeared to have confused the use of the @mention with the sending of a point to point communication, but the end result has been fantastic – the appellate court took one look at the case and promptly referred it to the Maryland Supreme Court.

Other happenings in Maryland include an assault outside a courtroom, threats to judges and prosecutors, a courthouse cleared with a bomb threat, and some other things which are not public, but which all add up to a textbook definition of hate group tactics. Law enforcement has cause to act at the state level in Maryland and I strongly suspect there is already something in the federal pipeline. The smear machine behind this derpy ‘war’ on the Obama administration is under fire from GOP strategist Karl Rove and it’s literally one indictment short of tearing itself to pieces.

I assume the peace order FMNR is talking about is the one issued against Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt. It does not deny anyone’s right to mention anyone else by name on Twitter. The order forbids the Cabin Boy from contacting, attempting to contact, or harassing me. It’s not rocket science to figure out how to write about someone without contacting or attempting to contact him. I’m doing that about Neal Rauhauser right now. And anyone who stayed awake in Journalism 101 should be able to write about someone else without engaging in harassment.

The judge was not confused about how an @ mention works on Twitter. He had the Twitter Rules and Best Practices in front of him, and he read that

[y]ou can direct a Tweet at a specific Twitter user using @replies and mentions.

He took that to mean what it says—including @username in a tweet directs it to the username account.

The Court of Special Appeals kicked the appeal upstairs to the Court of Appeals because that’s where it should have been filed in the first place. The Cabin Boy filed his appeal with the wrong court. I’ve been aware of that all along, but it’s not my place to help him.

An assault outside of a courtroom? When? Where? The only altercation I’m aware of occurred when Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette verbally harassed Tetyana Kimberlin after a protective order hearing. There was no physical contact, and a bailiff detained Craig Gillette so that Mrs. Kimberlin could leave the courthouse in peace.

Threats to judges and prosecutors? When? Where?

Oh, yeah, the bomb threat. It was on the day that several charges against members of Team Kimberlin were to be dropped in District Court. A Pennsylvania woman was arrested in connection with that bomb threat to the Carroll County Circuit Courthouse. After Carroll County Sheriff’s detectives learned who had made the call, she was located at her Littlestown, Pennsylvania, residence and was taken into custody by the Littlestown Police Department on an unrelated arrest warrant for failure to appear for trial in Carroll County. She had been scheduled to appear on charges of driving without a license. Although the threat was to the Circuit Courthouse, the District Courthouse was cleared as well.

And other things which are not public … Yeah. Right. I’m sure the public will be informed when something good enough has been cooked up.

The one thing FMNR does have right is the potential involvement of state and federal law enforcement. Some of the Maryland matters under investigation are typically handled by state agencies. And the feds are nosing about as well. For instance, failure of a federal sex offender to register is usually handled by the U. S. Marshals.

Oh, and I don’t particularly care for Karl Rove either.

I’m sure First Mate Neal took great satisfaction in spinning his tale, but I doubt that the Cabin Boy would have take off one of his shoes to count the number of people who actually believe FMNR’s stuff.

UPDATE—I should point out that I wrote the post above from the point of view of an eyewitness. Neal Rauhauser wrote his piece based on hearsay. He never attended any of the court dates. Neal is a fugitive. If he had shown up at a courthouse, the bailiffs would have served the outstanding New Jersey arrest warrants on him.

* * * * *

Failing failures gotta fail.

Bonus Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Back in 2012, Neal Rauhauser was still working with Brett Kimberlin on a day-to-day basis. Six years ago today, I posted this commentary on one of his sleazy attempts to slime Patrick Frey.

* * * * *

Stacy McCain points to an anonymous 1,000 word article posted at Pastebin that advances a wacky conspiracy theory about Patrick Frey and others who have been the targets of Neal Rauhauser and other members of Team Kimberlin. The post tries to sell the idea that Patrick Frey has exploited mentally ill people for the purpose of framing Anthony Weiner (as if Weiner didn’t post those pictures of himself) and then for the purpose of covering up his dirty deeds.

It’s nonsense. It’s a crude smear. You can read a copy of the post at the link to The Other McCain above, and you may have to read it there. Mr. Rauhauser has a habit of deleting his bogus posts when reality closes in.

Stacy McCain dissects the piece, so I won’t bother, but I want to comment on a couple of points.

At one point in the post it refers to “Islamophobic hate talker Aaron Walker.” I’d like to challenge that. I know Aaron Walker. He is not a believer in Islam, but I haven’t heard him express hatred for anyone simply because that person holds that faith. Mr. Walker has no love for terrorists, including those who commit terror in the name of Islam. He certainly isn’t Islamophobic.

The post also says:

Aaron Walker is not on psych disability yet, but his hate speech coupled with his poor courtroom demeanor will cost him his career as a lawyer.

I sat across the aisle from Neal Rauhauser in the courtroom during the 5 July Kimberlin v. Walker Peace Order hearing. I didn’t see anything in Aaron Walker’s behavior that could be described as poor courtroom demeanor. He and his lawyer handled themselves quite effectively. It was Brett Kimberlin who the judge had to keep on track.

Lily Tomlin once said that reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs. It also seems to be a stumbling block for a former dope dealer and his posse.

* * * * *

Neal Rauhauser has failed at pretty much everything he’s tried. No wonder he fits so well in Team Kimberlin.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

My friend and former codefendant in a couple of the Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s LOLsuits Lee Stranahan has broken a new story that shows a likely connection between a Democratic National Committee operative, Brett Kimberlin, and 2016 election hacking.

Back in 2012, one of the people closely associated with Kimberlin was another former Democrat operative and hacker wannabe named Neal Rauhauser. Rauhauser joined Justice Through Music Project around 2010, and his name began popping up during my initial coverage of The Saga of The Dread Deadbeat P_____ Kimberlin. Here’s an example from six years ago today.

* * * * *

Bob Belvedere has a D+20 summary posted that deals mostly with Neal Rauhauser and sundry blog comments concerning him. Paul Lemmen received an interesting email from Mr. Rauhauser which is posted over at Capitalist Preservation.

There seems to be a generally accepted opinion that Mr. Rauhauser believes most of the things he says and writes, and he must therefore have some sort of mental illness. I’m don’t know enough about him to have even an uninformed opinion. I reserve the possibility that he might simply be evil.

UPDATE—Lee Stranahan has more emails from Neal Rauhauser to Paul Lemmen here, here, and here. Surely, Mr. Rauhauser doesn’t really believe this:

I can think of no one more redeemed + active than brett. He’s basically the shadow 96th us atty’s office – hardcore anti-corruption ninja. Hook him up?

This tune has got to be the Mr. Rauhauser’s soundtrack.

UPDATE 2—OK, here’s a hint for those who don’t read music. “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into …”

* * * * *

Lee is not the only person developing leads on stories concerning Brett Kimberlin and his recent activities.

Stay tuned.