When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight …

… I can no longer trust FedEx to keep an overnight delivery commitment.

On Thursday, I determined that we need to add an additional switching function to a piece of custom test equipment in the lab at Goddard Space Flight Center. One of the critical components we needed was available in stock at a company in Texas. I ordered it for overnight delivery via FedEx. Late Friday afternoon, FedEx said that the package would be delivered on Monday instead of Friday.

Calling their 800 number sent me through a maze of phone menus. When I finally got to a human being , I was told that the shipment was delayed because of high volume at FedEx’s Linthicum, Maryland, facility. No help was offered.

@FedExHelp was also unhelpful. I was told was in a container that would not be available until Monday.

This not the first time this year that FedEx has failed meet the delivery commitments I paid for. I don’t believe I will ever use FedEx again if another option is available.