Apocali Now!

Conservative comedian Evan Sayet has a new book, a faux children’s book called Apocali Now!, and it’s available on Amazon. Click on the image on the right to buy a copy.

“Apocali” is the made-up plural of apocalypse and the never ending apocalyptic visions used by greedy control freaks to increase their wealth and power. Al Gore has made millions off of the latest scheme, “Global Warming”, while socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi use it to push a Big-Government agenda. In this faux children’s book, political comedian and philosopher Evan Sayet, walks us through the plethora of environmental “apocali” that have come and gone through the years and the scam behind man-made Global Warming. Illustrated by the nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist A.F. Branco, Apocali Now! makes a great read for your children and an even better gift for your left-wing friends.

Evan read a bit of his book during the interview Stacy McCain and I did with him on The Other Podcast. You can listen to it here. Scroll down to about 01:23:45.

BTW, Apocali Now! is #1 in New Releases in Political Humor at Amazon.

A Deplorable Mind

One of the reasons I go to CPAC is to meet interesting people, and one of the most interesting (and funny and insightful) I’ve met in the past few years is Evan Sayet. You should watch his video, A Deplorable Mind. It’s available free on Amazon Prime. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can order a free 30-day trial membership by clicking here.

Praise for Evan: “Brilliant!”—Rush Limbaugh; “Evan has crossed from ‘funny’ to important!”—Michael Barone; “Simply the best political comedian working in America today.”—David Horowitz; “Who makes me laugh? Easy. Evan Sayet.”—Ann Coulter; “Brilliant”—Dennis Miller; “The funniest man in America.”—Dennis Prager

Friday Night CPAC

I was invited to a preview showing of Evan Sayet’s new video A Deplorable Mind along with a group of bloggers and new media folks (Stacy McCain, Pete Ingemi, Cynthia Yockey, Bill Whittle, etc.). When the PC that was supposed to handle the download of the video went into some bizarre Windows silliness mode, my Mac laptop that I’m typing this on was pressed into service.

kindergardenofedenEvan’s video is both insightful and funny. It’s due to come out on Amazon in a few days, and I’ll post a link when it does. Meanwhile, Evan’s book The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks is for sale. It’s insightful and funny as well—and it’s available from Amazon now. Click on the thumbnail on the left to order your copy.