Hogewash! Endorsements

Here are the official Hogewash! endorsements for the 2020 general election in my part of Carroll County, Maryland:

President/Vice President Donald Trump/Mike Pence

U. S. House of Representatives Gregory Coll

Circuit Court Judge Richard Titus

Retain Special Appeals Judge Gregory Wells No

Retain Special Appeals Judge Kathryn Graeff No

School Board (Vote for Two) Marsha Herbert/Donna Sivigny

Question 1 State Budget Constitutional Amendment Against

Question 2 Expansion of Gaming Against

Hogewash! Voting Recommendations

Here are my recommendations on how to vote on Tuesday. Some of them won’t apply to most of you.

President—No recommendation except to vote against Hillary Clinton. If you live in a state where your vote might affect the outcome, I suggest that you vote for Donald Trump. This isn’t because I support him, but I believe he will do the country less damage than Hillary Clinton. If you live in a state where your vote will not likely affect the outcome (e.g., Maryland or Tennessee), I suggest that you vote for Gary Johnson. This isn’t because I support him, but if a third party exceeds 5% of the national popular vote this year, it will receive federal matching funds for the 2020 election. The competition from a better funded third party might have a beneficial influence of the major parties.

U. S. Senator from Maryland—Kathy Szeliga

Representative in Congress for Maryland District 8—Dan Cox

Retention of Judge Dan Friedman of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals—Yes. In spite of being an O’Malley appointee, Judge Friedman has shown promise as a defender of the Bill of Rights.

Carroll County Board of Education—No Recommendation

Maryland Question 1 Constitutional Amendment—Against. If the Attorney General or Comptroller leave office before the expiration of their terms, the replacement for the remainder of the term is appointed by the Governor. This amendment would require the Governor to appoint someone from the same political party as the office holder being replaced.

Carroll County Question A—For. This would establish a term limit of two four-year terms for  members of the School Board.