Deb Frisch—Enough

To: __________
Subject: Deborah Frisch
From: W J J Hoge —

Dear Ms. __________:

My name is William John Joseph Hoge (usually known by first middle name John Hoge). I operate a blog called Hogewash! ( While I have previously written a few blog post commenting on news related Deborah Frisch as part of my coverage of online harassment, I have never initiated any contact with her. Neither has my son William IV or did my late wife Connie.

I note from several of the 72 emails that I have received from Ms. Frisch since Friday, 13 December, 2019, that you are her probation manager. I gather from an email from you which she forwarded to me that one of the conditions of her parole is that she shall refrain from using the Internet to stalk or harass people. I have attached a pdf of a log of the emails I have received from Ms. Frisch over the past four days. (Note that the timestamps are in GMT, so “Yesterday” is the 16th, and the times are +7 hours from MST.)

Please direct Ms. Frisch to refrain from any further contact with me.

If it should become necessary, I am willing to provide further evidence or testimony, including personally appearing in Colorado.

W J J Hoge

Deb Frisch—Again and Again

Noted Internet Crazy Person Deb Frisch has started including me in various email threads. These have appeared in my inbox over the past 72 hours.One of the attachments she included in an email was the competency evaluation report that was part of her trial for felony stalking. The report states—

There is very clearly documented history of antagonistic and oppositional behaviors, grandiosity, and externalization of blame for problems that she has chronically encountered in life. This pervasive pattern of negative interactions is most consistent with a diagnosis of personality disorder with paranoid, narcissistic, and antisocial traits.

DSM-5 Diagnoses:
Unspecified Personality Disorder with Narcissistic, Paranoid, and Antisocial Traits.
Alcohol Use Disorder.

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but that seems consistent with the behavior I have observed.

I have no idea why she has fixated on my family and me, but her using the Internet to contact me is a violation of her parole. If it continues, I will file a complaint with her probation manager.

Deb Frisch—Again

This morning, I received a series of emails from noted Internet crazy person Deb Frisch which appear to outline an ongoing problem she is having obeying the terms of her parole. The emails include one from Frisch’s probation manager directing her to cease contact people via the Internet in violation of the terms fo her parole. It also includes a court transcript which she says mentions my son William but that does not contain in reference to him at all.


UPDATE—Oh look, here’s another email from Deb Frisch. It’s a bunch of disjointed ramblings label as “draft of rule 35a /(35c(2)(1) motion i am serving today by US mail – 19th district/div 16 da rourke, judge lyons”

Subpoenas, Subpoenas, Subpoenas

Deranged Cyberstalker Deb Frisch thinks that she is going to be able to subpoena folks for her sentencing hearing in October. The hearing will be in Colorado. It’s a state case.

IANAL, but the reading I’ve done about Colorado sentencing hearings indicates that the defendant is able to call character witnesses. The folks listed in that tweet probably wouldn’t be the sort of witness Ms. Frisch would find helpful.

Gentle Reader, pretend for a moment that the court holding the hearing would issue those subpoenas. So what? They would only be enforceable in the State of Colorado unless Ms. Frisch took them to courts in the states where each of the witnesses reside and had them reissued as enforceable subpoenas in those states. Then she would have to pay to have the subpoenas served (a party in a case can’t serve subpoenas related to the case).

Then she would have to pay the travel, food, and lodging expenses of those out-of-state witnesses, and witnesses in some states must be paid in advance upon service of the subpoena.

Given Ms. Frisch’s present state of mind, it seems unlikely that she could accomplish all that anyway.

A Policeman’s Lot Is Not A Happy One

Oh, my! What ever shall I do?

UPDATE—The telephone number for the Westminster Police Department is (410) 848-4646. While my snail mail address is Westminster, Maryland, I live outside the city limits. The law enforcement agency with primary jurisdiction at my residence is the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, (410) 386-2900.

I’m Moving Up in the Blogosphere

While I was preparing this week’s Thanks of the Links post, I found incoming links from a new blog: may1983 dot blogspot dot com. (No, I won’t link to it.) After reading a post titled chesapeake chomos, I believe that I’ve now joined that select group of bloggers who are being harassed by deranged cyberstalker Deb Frisch.

I used to complain about Stacy McCain attracting a better grade of whackos. I must be moving up!