When Mrs. Hoge and I bought our first house in Nashville, we moved in during the late summer. The next spring, I was pleased to see crocus popping up in the yard. After we moved to California, we had roses blooming for 11 months each year, but no crocus.

When we moved to Maryland and bought stately Hoge Manor, Mrs. Hoge planted some crocus bulbs for me as a surprise. I’ve enjoyed seeing them every spring. The first two crocus of 2017 came up today.firstcrocus2017Thanks, Connie.

One Delight of Spring


It’s a favorite flower of mine. I enjoy seeing them popping out of the ground in the late winter and early spring.

Mrs. Hoge has planted them along the walkway from the house to the street and around the cherry tree near where I usually park my car. The white and yellow and purple brightens my morning.

Thank you, Connie.