District Court Enjoins Deportation Ban

The temporary injunction on Joe Xiden’s 100-day pause in deportations of criminal aliens was set to expire yesterday, but U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued the preliminary injunction sought by Texas, indefinitely extending the injunction. This isn’t the first time a district judge has issued a nationwide injunction relating to immigration policy. The Democrats went forum shopping to Hawaii to find a judge willing to put a monkey wrench in the ban travel from seven hostile and terror ridden countries.

The Gentle Reader should not be surprised if the usual suspects on the Left suddenly begin a bit more suspicious of judicial activism.

BTW, Marvin was unavailable for comment.

The AP is Technically Correct

The AP has changed it’s Style Book to deprecate the term “illegal immigrant.” Their reason is that the person is not illegal, and that’s true. The act of crossing the border or being in the country without lawful authorization is an illegal act, but the person committing the act isn’t illegal. He’s a criminal.

Thus, a more accurate term would be criminal immigrant.