Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin threatened the venue which hosted the National Bloggers Club BlogBash 2013 awards ceremony with a large demonstration led by a fiery imam, and just like almost everything he’s tried, the actual demonstration fizzles. In fact, it was so pathetic, I actually posted Some Pro Tips for Protestors. That post ran seven years ago today.

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Given the ludicrous results of Team Kimberlin’s attempted protest at Blog Bash, I thought I might share some tips that might help them with some of their more glaring errors.

Petitions. If you’re going to try to run a petition drive, make sure that there is sufficient real world interest that you can collect a respectable number of signatures. 50 signatures on a petition to a business to cancel a 500 person event normally makes a cause look weak, although I will grant that in the case of the Blog Bash protest it made a feeble protests look stronger than it was.

IMG_1334If you’ve threatened a big demonstration with a fiery leader, a complete cancellation will play better than sending a single individual masquerading as a photographer.

If your demonstrator(s) will engage in role playing make sure that he/they can play the part(s) and is/are properly costumed. For example, a professional photographer would not wear bulky gloves while operating a camera.

Also, what your demonstrator(s) will say should be carefully scripted. Things like “Warning! Right-wing CPAC maggots! Woot Woot!” don’t sound very serious. Indeed, that sounds like something that would come out of the mouth of Dennis the Constitutional Peasant.

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The Kilingon word that best describes that demonstration is tu’HomI’raH.


Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the easiest thing to do when writing about Brett Kimberlin and has coterie of followers and enablers is to find something stupid or evil that one of them has done to be subject of a post. Their lies became so common that I began a collection of posts called Prevarication Du Jour. This PDJ first ran six years ago today.

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One thing about Bill Schmalfeldt, he never lets the truth get in the way of his nonsensical allegations.WMSBroad201311202247Z“… a fierce hatred of Muslims?” I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian, so I believe that Muslims are mistaken in their religious views, but that doesn’t mean that I hate them.

Furthermore, while I have published criticism of Islamic terrorists, Hogewash! has never tried to tar all Muslims with their guilt.

Schmalfeldt needs to put up or shut up on this one. Either he needs to cite a specific post from this blog that a reasonable person would construe as expressing hatred for Islam or Muslims as a whole, or he needs to offer a retraction and apology. If he can find such a post, I will retract it and apologize for it—and I will donate $1,000 to the National Parkinson Foundation.

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When Brett Kimberlin was trying to intimidate a group of us just before the BlogBash 2013 party, he threatened that the party would be subjected to a protest led by a “fiery imam” unless it were cancelled. We were not frightened, and the party went ahead as planned, but the Prince George’s County Police put extra officers in the area that evening just in case.

The picture on the left was published at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread as part of its coverage of BlogBash 2013. Tetyana Kimberlin has stated that she took the picture, that the person wearing the headdress is Brett Kimberlin, and that he is sitting in a Toyota SUV leased by Justice Through Music Project. Brett was apparently too cowardly to actually confront any of the partygoers.

Indeed, the only minor (and somewhat humorous) disturbance occurred when Craig Gillette, one of Kimberlin’s associates at Justice Through Music Project, began accosting and photographing people on the sidewalk outside the venue.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the false narratives about Brett Kimberlin that has circulated around the Internet is a fantasy about his being “exonerated” of his bombing and dope smuggling convictions and about his having received a substantial settlement. Here’s an example from Democratic Underground.

The truth is that Kimberlin had his parole revoked for two years in 1997 and wound up staying in prison until 2001. He managed to keep the Parole Commission in the dark concerning any parole violations, so in 2006 he was released from supervision. That’s not exactly an exoneration.

Notice that I said he kept the Parole Commission in the dark about parole violation. One of the usual conditions of parole is to refrain from association with other felons. Here’s the true narrative: While he was still under supervision, Brett Kimberlin hired Craig Gillette, who has a child pornography conviction, to work at Justice Through Music Project. According to Mrs. Kimberlin, Gillette lived with the Kimberlins and their children in their one-room apartment in the basement of Kimberlin’s mother’s house for an extended period.


Justice Through Music Project and Child Porn

Over at the Justice Through Music Project website (I read it so you don’t have to, and, no, I won’t link to it.) there’s a blog entry that dredges up a story from last year about Pete Townsend speaking out about his arrest for visiting an illegal porn site in 1999. Mr. Townsend received a “police caution” and spent five years on a sex offender registry.

Funny how JTMP would bring that up just now.

Brett Kimberlin, the “charity’s” Director, has been accused of having sex with an underage girl, and Craig Gillette, who has been associated with the organization apparently since Day One, has been been revealed as an ex-con who served time for possession of child pornography and as an unregistered sex offender. Sources indicate that Messrs. Kimberlin and Craig met in prison.

The blog post asks,

What does everyone think? Should people be able to move on with their lives?

Or do some actions need to have continuing consequences?

#CraigGillette and the Sex Offender Registry

Craig Richard Gillette cannot be found in any of the Sex Offender Registries in the U. S.

He was convicted in a federal court of possession of child pornography, an offense that requires the offender to register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

Under 18 U.S.C. §2250, the federal failure-to-register offense, a federal criminal penalty of up to 10 years of imprisonment exists for sex offenders required to register under SORNA who knowingly fail to register or update a registration as required where circumstances supporting federal jurisdiction exist, such as interstate or international travel or travel on or off an Indian reservation by a sex offender, or conviction of a federal sex offense for which registration is required.


UPDATE—The latest information I have is that Gillette owns a property in DC which is being rehabbed. (That explains all those Amazon reviews for demolition and construction materials.) He is said to have been living in the house rented by Justice Through Music Project for office space for several months at 6513 79th Place, Cabin John, Maryland.

UPDATE—Maryland has no restrictions on where someone in the registry may live.

Justice Through Music Project, Soooper Promoters

Gentle Reader, I’ll bet you didn’t know how critical having their music on the Justice Through Music Project has been for so many recording artists. What follows is from a press release dated in 2006. The subject of Craig Gillette’s PR release was the work JTMP was doing to promote a Neal Young album. I really liked this bit:

Justice Through Music has been a pioneer for the past five years in using famous bands and artists to promote civil rights. More and more artists are coming to JTM to get out their political message, including recently, Pink, Eminem, the Dixie Chicks, and many others.

JTMP’s incorporation papers show a start up date in 2003 but I suppose that Brett Kimberlin could have be operating the organization as an unincorporated entity for a couple of years. He was released from prison in 2001.

<snark>And I’m gratified to know how JTMP was so helpful to struggling acts like Pink, Eminem, the Dixie Chicks. Who knows? Maybe one day Brett Kimberlin will put that same powerful soooper promotion behind his own musical career.</snark>

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Craig Richard Gillette, age 48, U. S. Bureau of Prisons Register Number 43193-083, was released from prison on 23 March, 2001. I have been told that it was during his stay in prison that Gillette met Brett Kimberlin.

IMG_1334Craig Gillette has been associated with Justice Through Music Project since at least 2006. He was involved as “the blue parka photographer” during Brett Kimberlin’s stalking of BlogBash. He is the star performer in one of JTMP’s YouTube music videos.

I was a bit surprised to see Gillette at the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin protective order hearing yesterday. Gillette left the courtroom after the judge had ruled but before Tetyana Kimberlin had received her copy of the protective order that the judge issued against Brett Kimberlin. Gillette was waiting just outside the courtroom with a sign reading “Perjury.” When the victim’s advocate helping Tetyana Kimberlin saw what Gillette was doing, she reentered the courtroom and brought a bailiff who detained him.

Craig Gillette is clearly a member of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin‘s crew. The floor in now open for nominations for his title.

UPDATE—There’s more info hereStacy McCain and Patterico are on the case too.

#BrettKimberlin Violates a Protective Order?

A District Court judge granted a Temporary Protective Order to Tetyana Kimberlin against Brett Kimberlin. The judge then combined both of their protective order cases with Tetyana’s custody petition in the Circuit Court for a hearing on 12 August.

On her way out of the courtroom, Tetyana was accosted by Craig Gillette, who BlogBash attendees may remember as the protestor photographer in the blue parka. Gillette appeared to talking to her on Brett’s behalf. If that’s is the case, that would be a violation of the order before the ink on the judge’s signature was dry.

Gillette was detained by a bailiff.

I will have more to tell you about Craig Gillette in a later post.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—During the back-and-forth before the judge, Brett Kimberlin tried to bring Aaron Walker into the case by bringing up irrelevant information about a previous case (which Brett wound up losing). Aaron Walker was present in the courtroom observing. I expect that he will have a long post up later today with his analysis of the case.

UPDATE 2—Rather than have Tetyana’s testimony in the evidentiary record, Brett consented to the order.