Mmmmm … Coffee

I’ve had several questions asking which coffee maker I use. Based on a recommendation from Glenn Reynolds, I bought a relatively inexpensive Cuisinart model for use at stately Hoge Manor, and it has provided excellent service—and it makes good coffee. It’s available from Amazon.

There’s no Cyber Monday deal on it, but the price is right anyway.

Coffee is Good for You

That’s a finding of research done at the USC School of Medicine.

Drinking coffee was associated with a lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory and kidney disease for African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites.

People who consumed a cup of coffee a day were 12 percent less likely to die compared to those who didn’t drink coffee. This association was even stronger for those who drank two to three cups a day — 18 percent reduced chance of death.

Time for my second cup of Blue Mountain.

Mmmmm … settled science.

Starbucks and Christmas

The latest tempest in a teapot is about coffee or, rather, coffee cups. Some folks are upset that Starbucks is using plain red cups during the holiday season this year.Starbucks_Red_Holiday_Cups_2015


If anyone is really bothered by a plain red cup, I suggest that he do what I do and buy his coffee from a shop that sells good coffee in the first place.

UPDATE—Speaking of coffee cups and Christmas, check out the selection available at The Hogewash Store.