CNN’s Bottom 20 List

Actually, it’s a bottom 21. The Daily Caller has a list of 20 bungled stories carried by CNN plus the “we never lie” Michael Cohen/Lanny Davis/Robert Mueller story of the past week or so. Although CNN hasn’t doubled down on all of them like the Cohen’s-Gotta-Rat-Out-Trump fantasy, many have gone uncorrected.

It’s a long piece, but real the whole thing.

Is the reason they have CNN in the airports to make the TSA look good by contrast?

Don’t Know Much About History

CNN’s Legal Analyst: The Founders never envisioned Supreme Court justices living past their 50s (H/T: The Washington Free Beacon)

Here’s the roster of the first six justices of the Supreme Court who were a nominated under the Judiciary Act of 1789 by George Washington and confirmed by the Senate:

John Rutledge, confirmed 1789, born 1739, age 50
John Blair, confirmed 1790, born 1732, age 58
John Jay, confirmed 1789, born 1740, age 49
William Cushing, confirmed 1790, born 1732, age 58
James Iredell, confirmed 1790, born 1751, age 39
James Wilson, confirmed 1790, born 1742, age 48

Four of the original justices lived past their 50s: Rutledge, 61; Blair, 68; Jay, 83; and Cushing, 78.

UPDATE—In fact, at least one of the Founders, the author of Federalist No. 78, explicitly stated that lifetime judicial appointments were critical to the proper functioning of the judiciary.

Upon the whole, there can be no room to doubt that the convention acted wisely in copying from the models of those constitutions which have established GOOD BEHAVIOR as the tenure of their judicial offices, in point of duration; and that so far from being blamable on this account, their plan would have been inexcusably defective, if it had wanted this important feature of good government.

Read the whole thing.

Time for an Intervention?

Sarah Hoyt has a piece over at PJ Media suggesting that CNN has become a Trump-Rage-Aholic and that it’s time for an intervention.

You know when the crazy uncle gets to this point, it’s time for detox.

Well, it does seem that CNN is powerless over Donald Trump and that their life has become unmanageable.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE—The sticking point may be coming to believe that there’s a power greater than themselves.

Friday’s Asteroid

First of all, asteroids aren’t caused by global warming. They’re the floor sweepings left over from the formation of the planets billions of years ago. Some of them are pretty big. Indeed, one of them, Ceres, is large enough to qualify as a dwarf planet. Most of them are tiny.

Several tons worth of the tiny asteroids collide with the Earth each day. Almost all of them burn up in the atmosphere as meteors. A few make it to the ground as meteorites. Every thousand years or so, a large meteor weighing tens of tons smacks into the ground releasing energy equivalent to a nuclear weapon. This happened in Siberia in 1908. Larger, Earth-shattering kabooms occur every few million years when an asteroid several hundred metres (or larger) in diameter hits. A large strike about 66 million years ago ended the Age of Dinosaurs.

This Friday’s asteroid will miss us. If it were to hit, the energy release would be roughly equivalent to a 2 megaton nuke, inconvenient for the local neighborhood but hardly Earth-shattering.

We frequently discover new asteroids. One was discovered in 1998 as the long blue streak in this archival image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.asteroidstreak_hst_960