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You’d think that people lie a lot and routinely forge documents would eventually learn how to do it reasonably well, but Team Kimberlin’s level of incompetence is in a league by itself. This Prevarication Du Jour first ran seven years ago today.

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The Cabin Boy™ is trying to dance his way around the trail of evidence of his forging the header he claimed was from an email sent to him by Lynn Thomas.TheMerryWidower201511180643ZAs a commenter has noted, the version of the email header initially posted on the Cabin Boy’s™ blog is not the same as what is there now. However, my analysis was done on what was posted on Twitter, not his blog. (Others have done analyses on the original images from the blog, and those have been consistent with what I found on Twitter.)TheMerryWidower_status_666375731480559616The URL for that tweet is, but it has now been memory-holed.TheMerryWidower_memory_hole

However, the attachments were both downloaded and screenshots were taken of them. Here’s what the header looked like as seen on the original tweet. (Click to embiggen.)TheMerryWidower201511162202attachment2As the Gentle Reader can see, the one intermediate time stamp is 13:51:01 while all the others show hh:15:01 (depending on time zone).

pantsonfireSpoliation of evidence won’t save the Cabin Boy™. Rather, it creates the presumption that the multiple archived copies are true and correct. That presumption is reinforced by his habit of putting potentially embarrassing evidence down the memory hole.

What’s waiting for the Cabin Boy™ in Room 101? The Truth.

UPDATE—I could keep the Cabin Boy™ putting up new versions of the “true” header by dribbling out bits of evidence over time, but I’m not in this as a game of gotcha. He needs to understand that we got him cold on this one. The Vast Hogewash Research Organization has documented the various versions of the header that he’s published. We know when they were created. We know which word processor he used. We know what other tools he used. Etc. I’ll throw out one more bit of information. We know when the original email header he altered was sent: Sunday, 15-Nov-15 19:42:01 UTC. That information is embedded in all the files he has published.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar and a forger.


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That timestamp typo was the clincher. Emails simply don’t arrive at the addressee 26 minute before they are forwarded by a in-route relay server. At least they don’t with the kind of hardware that Schmalfeldt uses. OTOH, …

Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee of Future Returns …

… but the next meme from the left may be that future spending cuts are the cause of present failures. Nick Gillespe has more at Reason.

There seems to be a problem with cause and effect here … and it’s the Republicans who are anti-Science?

UPDATE—Instapundit writes

The first thing we should be sequestering are Congressional salaries. If we did that, we wouldn’t have to worry about any of the rest . . .

Is that another #Reynolds2016 campaign promise?