I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Weekly Standard has a piece up in which Nancy Pelosi is quoted, and she seems to be saying that she saying that she supports abortion because she’s a Catholic. (H/T, Evi L. Blogger Lady at Batshit Crazy News). I am not a Catholic, but from what I know of that church’s doctrine, I find this mind-bogglingly weird.

Pope Francis was unavailable for comment.

From Whence Freedom Comes

Andrew Klavan has an essay explaining why those of us who aren’t Roman Catholics should support their bishops’ principled stand against the government’s attempt to use Obamacare regulations to force Catholic organizations to provide heath care coverage of contraception  in violation of that church’s religious beliefs. He traces resistance to government infringement on religion from the Jewish protests against Pontius Pilate’s placing of Roman religious symbols in Judea to our Bill of Rights. He concludes:

Whether we’re Catholic or not, whether we agree with the Catholics or not, every single one of us should stand up against the Obama administration’s assault on their church. The Jews of Caesarea will be standing with us. So, I believe, will the Christ.

Read the whole thing. When I did, I commented,

As one who is clinging to his religion, I say, “Amen, brother!”