Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Back in 2012, we were just beginning to meet some of the member of Team Kimberlin. One of them fancied himself an investigative reporter. Seven years ago today, Hogewash! ran this post showing how The Liberal Grouch Demonstrates How NOT to Vet a Source.

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The Liberal Grouch briefly published and then withdrew pictures of a woman who he identified as Lee Stranahan’s ex-wife. She was not.

There’s a reason why one is supposed to rely on verifiable information when one publishes. A real Shoe Leather Reporter explains the potential problems of not doing one’s homework.

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Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt (aka the Liberal Grouch) has been a failure as a reporter, investigative or otherwise, just has all of his Internet radio or over-the-air DJ gigs have turned sour.

Karma is closing in.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Over the years, the principal PR website for Team Kimberlin has been Breitbart Unmasked. However, after Bill Schmalfeldt left for his winter vacation in Montana, The Dread Deadbeat Publisher Kimberlin has been unwilling or unable to find someone to take over the site as the Cabin Boy’s™ replacement. It hasn’t been updated for nine months, but someone has been diddling with it because some material has been taken down. For example, the images that were on the Home page are now gone.Whoever has been trimming the site hasn’t got around to making me an unperson yet. Clicking on the Hoge Watch link in the tag cloud reveals this.As many of the Kimberlin-related domain’s registrations have expired, they have not been renewed. Perhaps that will happen to BU, and whole site will be memory-holed.

Stay tuned.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Ah, it’s the Third of September, another anniversary. Seven years ago today, Bill Schmalfeldt made the mistake of being the source of More Lawfare Threats From Team Kimberlin.

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Some bozo calling himself the Liberal Grouch appears to be a member of Brett Kimberlin’s clown posse, and he’s threatening to sue Aaron Walker for defamation. He believes that Mr. Walker defamed him because he was accurately quoted in postings tweeted by Mr. Walker.

You can find the details of the exchange in question here, including tweets/posts that the Liberal Grouch deleted (perhaps in an attempt to erase evidence?).

Team Kimberlin is saying that they will start a “legal defense fund” for the Liberal Grouch if he sues Mr. Walker. They have the right idea because he will need a defense fund when the counterclaims come back from Aaron Walker.

Oh, and if Bill Schmalfeldt (if that’s his real name) is stupid enough to sue Aaron Walker, I’ll be first in line to make a substantial contribution to the Blogger Defense Team to help defray Mr. Walker’s legal expenses.

UPDATE—@LiberalGrouch tweets that I should read his side of the story. [I’ve disable that link. Schmalfeldt has abandoned the domain, and it now hosts a porn site.] I have. My comments above stand.

* * * * *

So, how did the past seven years turn out for the Cabin Boy™? He’s lost a bunch of LOLsuits; been subjected to multiple restraining orders; become the object of pointage, laughery, and mockification from people he tried to harass; lost multiple jobs; …

Nothing has proceeded as he had hallucinated.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the reasons for Team Kimberlin’s string of failure in the LOLsuits they brought to try to suppress the free speech rights of their critics is their ineptitude in court. Yesterday’s TKPOTD dealt with one example of that. However, their inability to present a coherent case to a judge or jury shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has experienced their incompetence presenting their stories on the Internet. Consider the TKPOTD from six years ago today.

* * * * *

BS201308311448ZjudgestansfieldAs the Gentle Reader can see in the tweet above, Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt has been posting his complaints about a “bowtie [sic] wearing” conservative judge who ruled against him. Judge Thomas F. Stansfield of the Circuit Court of Maryland for Carroll County does often wear bow ties.

Here we have another example of Schmalfeldt’s careful, in-depth research.

Judge TitusThe Cabin Boy’s beloved U. S. v. Cassidy opinion was written by Judge Roger W. Titus (photo at left). Judge Titus was nominated by President Bush in June, 2003.

Of course, it is not only conservative jurists who wear bow ties. For example, here is the Supreme Court’s official photo portrait of Justice John Paul Stevens.justicestevensI can’t understand how Schmalfeldt thinks his strategy of attempting to try his various motions and his appeal on the Internet is supposed to work. For example, I’d never let anything like the following Twitter exchange see the light of day if I wanted to stay on the good side of the judge deciding my case.


Zoa Barnes is my lawyer.

I also wouldn’t have posted anything like this on a blog:

Hoge’s lawyer mopped the floor with us. The Circuit Court Judge sat, making “smoochy-eyes” at Zoa as she YELLED at me like a 3rd Grade Teacher to an errant student. Oh, my lawyer tried to get the judge to hear about how US v. Cassidy had a direct impact, but (and I hope I’m recalling this correctly), Zoa objected to Cassidy as irrelevant and the Judge sustained. So using the LAW as it applied in our case was out the door.

BTW, my recollection of the trial as refreshed by the audio transcript is that Ms. Barnes never raised her voice to Schmalfeldt and that she did not object to the Cabin Boy’s lawyer bringing up Cassidy. Indeed, she expected it to be raised and, when Schmalfeldt’s lawyer didn’t have a copy of the case for the court, she provided one for Judge Stansfield along with a clear explanation of why Cassidy had no application in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. Judge Stansfield agreed.

It really seems that Schmalfeldt is making it up as he goes along and hoping someone important will believe his story. That won’t cut it when confronted in court by rules of evidence and the court’s procedural rules.

Acme Law at it’s finest!

UPDATE—I agree with The Doctor in the Comments—bow ties are cool.bowtie_me

UPDATE 2—Here’s a picture of Chief Judge (retired) of the Maryland Court of Appeal Robert M. Bell.RobertMBell

* * * * *

I’ve thought highly of Judge Stansfield’s judicial temperament since I observed his reaction to seeing a copy of those tweets by BU and the Cabin Boy™ in the evidence before him during the December, 2013, hearing on renewing the first peace order issued against Schmalfeldt. When he got the page with those tweets, his only reaction was raised eyebrows and a brief nod of his head.

I don’t think the Cabin Boy’s™ tweet helped his case.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Team Kimberlin has waged most of its lawfare pro se, that is, without the assistance of a lawyer. There has been one exception, LOLsuit VII: Degenerations. In that case, the court assigned a lawyer to assist The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt. Three years ago today, this Pro Bonehead Legal LULZ Du Jour dealt with some of the Cabin Boy’s™ whining after his loss in that LOLsuit.

* * * * *

By now, the Gentle Reader may have noticed that the Cabin Boy™ is prone to making outlandishly asinine statements, e.g.—BS201608250424ZThe Dreadful Pro-Se Freeloader Schmalfeldt’s lawyer was “recruited” by the U.S. District Court for the District of Northern Illinois to represent Bill Schmalfeldt. He is not doing so voluntarily, but under the order of the court.

Patrick Ostronic’s representation of me (and Ali Akbar, Stacy McCain, and Aaron Walker at various stages of the first case) in a couple of lawsuits filed by Brett Kimberlin was purely voluntary. He learned about the Popehat signal going up because of the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit while reading Instapundit, read Ken White’s post, and decided to represent me. I’m thankful that Ken White and Glenn Reynolds helped by publicizing the first Kimberlin case, and I’m especially grateful for Patrick Ostronic, his commitment to the First Amendment, and his pro bono representation of me in two of the four lawsuits The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed against me.

In one case, a lawyer read about a situation and volunteered his services to represent a defendant. In the other case, a lawyer was drafted by a court to represent a plaintiff who claimed pauper status while reporting a middle class income. The Gentle Reader may decide for himself if either case involves freeloading.

* * * * *

Losing losers gotta loose.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Although they’ve been rather quiet for the past few months, Team Kimberlin has a history of trying to spin up false narratives on the Internet. Their websites and social media accounts all seem to meet one of two ends. Either they are left abandoned after they fail to generate the intended buzz or they wind up deleted by their web hosts for one or more Terms of Service violation. This post from six years ago today, #BillSchmalfeldt: ToS Violator, chronicled the banning of one of their sites.

* * * * *

Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt zapped the electrodes on his moribund liberalgrouch dot com site over the past day or so. It’s back. We will see how long it lasts.

As part of the reboot, the Cabin Boy posted a couple of his signature tacky images with my face photoshopped into them. Normally, I wouldn’t care about these particular pictures because they aren’t pornographic and even show a modicum of creativity. As far as any copyright issue goes, the images are well within the limits of Fair Use, but this isn’t a copyright issue.

His site is hosted by Bluehost, and Bluehost’s Acceptable Use Policy says this:

Private Information and Images. Subscribers may not post or disclose any personal or private information about or images of children or any third party without the consent of said party (or a parent’s consent in the case of a minor).

[M]ay not post … images of … any third party without the consent of said party …

The Gentle Reader will probably not be surprised to learn that the images were posted without my consent, and, yes, I made Bluehost’s Legal Department aware of the situation. They, in turn, told the Cabin Boy to take down the offending images.

Schmalfeld has kicked into high gear of his Sore Loserman mode. He has refused to comply. Moreover, he insists that I should file a DMCA takedown notice—which is nonsense because 1.) this isn’t a copyright issue and 2.) I don’t own the copyright to either of the pictures he has used.

The Cabin Boy engaged in a ToS violation with his hosting provider, and he got caught. Schmalfeldt needs to learn that The Rules apply to him too. The real Rules, not the one’s he makes up as he goes along.

He says he’s willing to have Bluehost take his site down rather than comply. We’ll see.

sir robin shieldUPDATE—Huffing and puffing about non-germane non-facts, the Cabin Boy has tucked tail and run from Bluehost. He’s moved his illiberal grouchiness to … drum roll, please … (No, I won’t link to it.)

In his rant on the way out the door from Bluehost, Schmalfeldt accused me of laughing at him over his DMCA debacles. Actually, I haven’t thought they were the least bit funny.

OTOH, this episode of his tripping over his own arrogance has made me smile.

UPDATE 2—Cabin Boy Bill has’t turned on his thumbs up/down buttons yet.

* * * * *

I must admit that the Cabin Boy’s™ continued editorial screwups did become a marvelous target for pointage, laughery, and mockification.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

While I’ve openly published a great deal of material related to Team Kimberlin’s online harassment of and lawfare against their perceived enemies, I’ve actually kept a lot of information under wraps in order to protect third parties or to avoid revealing legal strategies while case were in process. That’s basic operational security. Team Kimberlin has not always been good at OPSEC.

* * * * *

OPSEC or Operational Security is the process of protecting little bits of data that could be grouped together to give the bigger picture. During my service in the Signal Corps, a significant portion of my work revolved around keeping information hidden from potential enemy access.

I especially remember one particular breach of OPSEC in Viet Nam. There was a major who thought that he was too important to have to bother with the rules. One day, he got in a hurry and decided that he didn’t have to get up and walk a couple of hundred feet to where an encrypted radio was installed. He used the radio in his jeep to send a very brief message that would have no tactical value after about a half-hour. The VC were listening, they figured out what was going on, and—15 minutes later—a landing zone took mortar fire just as a general’s helicopter was landing. There were no casualties, except for that major’s career.

Here’s another example of poor OPSEC. is one of the domains associated with others owned or controlled by Team Kimberlin. Bill Schmalfeldt published an email with this header just over a week ago. The version below has part of the Bcc line redacted. The original doesn’t. Can you bust someone back to a rank lower than Cabin Boy?BSmailheader


UPDATE—Several people have wondered how I received an email not addressed me. I didn’t. A .png image of the email was published on Twitter.confessiontweet

* * * * *

I couldn’t make this stuff up on my own.