Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This Prevarication Du Jour was posted eight years ago today. The tweet was sent by Bill Schmalfeldt. It (at)mentions a couple of B-string members of Team Kimberlin: William Ferguson (aka (at)wilsb8, aka Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson) and (at)Harada_no_hime.

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I have all sorts of interesting things posted at Today, someone tweeted a link to the charging documents in the recent Maryland v. Kimberlin case. There is a notation in the complaint’s handwriting at the end of the Application for Statement of Charges, and, of course, the Cabin Boy had to offer a comment.ftrrnews201310102213Z

Aaron Walker’s handwriting? No way; the addendum is legible.

Here’s a sample of Aaron Walker’s writing from an Application for Statement of Charges he filed in 2012—AWhandwrittingHere’s a sample of the writing on the 2013 Application for Statement of Charges—TKhandwritting

Note, among other differences, the almost random slant to the letters in the first sample and the even forward slant in the second. No, the writing on the two Applications is by two different people.


* * * * *

The (at)Harada_no_hime Twitter account was an important source of leaks from and leads about Team Kimberlin. It hasn’t been active for years. Perhaps the owner no longer fantasizes at being a Japanese princess.

BTW, one of the difference be difference between my reporting about Team Kimberlin and their campaigns of online harassment is that I have tried to avoid unnecessary intrusions into anyone’s privacy. I have no intention of doxing Harada_no_hime. Her life is its own just reward.