Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Seven years ago, someone had had enough of Bill Schmalfeldt’s BS, and that person placed an order with a company in Europe that mails packages of manure. The Cabin Boy™ went ballistic, threatening the direst of dire direness to whoever placed the order. This Bonus Prevarication Du Jour from seven years ago today, pointed out that Schmalfeldt was simply wrong about the facts and the law related to the gift he received.

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CBPR201411300042ZPerhaps Tupperware isn’t allowed, but zip-lock bags are apparently OK packaging for manure sent through the mail.

A simple bit of googling shows plenty of companies offering to sell various kinds of manure with shipping via U. S. Mail. It’s most commonly offered by businesses catering to mushroom growers who only need small quantities for use as fertilizer. BTW, horse manure seems to be preferred for mushrooms.

UPDATE—OK, let’s assume that the Cabin Boy™ files a complaint with the Postal Inspection Service. So what? The only result will be that there’s one more government office where eyes roll when they hear the name Schmalfeldt.

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I will simply point out that Amazon sells manure, and many small quantity orders are delivered by the USPS.

On Xiden’s “Infrastructure” Program

After reviewing the basics of Joe Xiden’s “infrastructure” proposals, it seems to me that the principal deficiency relates to the management of the various schemes. Almost none of the effort is under the government department with related expertise. Clearly, any program based on organic fertilizer should be run by the Department of Agriculture.