I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Daily Mail reports that “Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels and lounging in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion.” The original painting, Parsing Bill, is by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid. According to the Daily Mail, it is unclear if Epstein had bought the canvas or had a print.

Twenty Years Ago This Week

It was twenty years ago that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath during a deposition in a civil suit related to a sexual harassment claim. The 1995 Blog takes a look back at that process and comes to the conclusion that it looks better now than it did twenty years ago.

Clinton lied under oath, and sought to impede justice in a sexual harassment lawsuit in which he was the defendant. The lawsuit was brought by Paula Jones, a former employee of the state of Arkansas who said that Clinton, while he was the state’s governor, crudely propositioned her at a hotel room in Little Rock.

During his deposition in the Jones lawsuit, Clinton was asked about Lewinsky. He denied having had sexual relations with her; he denied having been alone with her. Presiding at Clinton’s deposition, taken in January 1998, was a federal judge, Susan Webber Wright.

She was there at Clinton’s request, and she later found that Clinton had given “intentionally false” testimony at the “tainted deposition” and that his “false, misleading and evasive answers … were designed to obstruct the judicial process.”

The judge found Clinton in contempt, and the House of Representatives wound up impeaching him on one count of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

One may argue whether or not the Senate did the right thing by failing to convict, but looking back, it seems the House did the right thing by censuring Clinton’s lawless behavior.

Oh, No! Not Again!

I got burnt out on Bill Clinton’s sex life back in 1998 when we all still knew what the meaning of is is. Now that his wife is running for President, the Clinton family peccadilloes are moving front and center again.

I suppose there is a young cohort of new voters who don’t remember the “bimbo eruptions” of the ’90s, and they probably should be made aware of the Hillary’s enabling of her husband’s behavior. But how about we keep that as a sideshow?

There’s enough wrong with Hillary’s performance in the Senate and the State Department to disqualify her, and her participation in their family foundation raises further questions about her fitness to serve as President. Hillary deserves the opportunity to fail on her own.

After all, America deserves a President who knows what ISIS is.

Bill Clinton on Voting Rights

Bill Clinton says that voting should be as easy as buying an “assault weapon.” I doubt that he means a real assault rifle. They are legally machine guns and require several months of paperwork, background checks by the ATF, a $250 tax stamp, and more. He probably just meant a run-of-the-mill modern sporting rifle such as an AR-15.

In Maryland, AR-15s are regulated weapons. Purchase requires presenting photo ID and passing a background check through the NICS. After that goes through, there’s more state paperwork and a State Police background check which typically take a couple of months. However, beginning in October, further purchases of AR-15s will be banned.

Somehow, I don’t think Mr. Clinton meant that currently registered Maryland voters could continue to vote if they presented photo ID and passed a background check at the polls, but that after 1 October no more voters would be registered.

But if you think he meant that Second Amendment rights should be as well protected as voting rights, you’ve been inhaling the stuff he says he didn’t.

I’m Only 64

Some Democrats are trying to explain Bill Clinton’s straying from the Obama campaign’s talking points by senility. “He’s 65 years old.”

I guess I’ve got a few more cogent months left. I don’t turn 65 until New Year’s Eve, and, like President Clinton, I don’t qualify for full Social Security benefits until I’m 66.

UPDATE–Joe Biden is 69. I suppose that explains things.