When THE Science Follows THE Narrative

OK, I suppose being misinformed could cause someone to make a poor choice about one’s health.

Is Reality Intruding On The Narrative?

The WSJ reports that the Xiden administration will resume oil and gas leasing on federal land. The administration’s moratorium on leasing was shot down by a federal judge, and pressure to resume leasing has been increasing since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, the administration is trying to minimize the new leases.

The Interior Department said it would make roughly 144,000 acres available for oil and gas drilling through a series of lease sales, an 80% reduction from the footprint of land that had been under evaluation for leasing.

Companies will also be required to pay royalties of 18.75% of the value of what they extract, up from 12.5%.

On the morning of 20 January, 2021, the United States was a net exporter of energy products. That changed within a few day. These leases will help turn things around, but they’re only a start in the right direction.

Déjà Vu and 1979

The Xiden Administration quietly dropped the Houthi jihadis in Yemen (backed by Iran) from the list of foreign terrorist organizations. Today, it was reported the Houthis stormed our embassy in Sana’a, seizing large quantities of equipment and materials. They also kidnapped several Yemenis employed at the embassy.

The State Department says that they’re working on the problem seeking a solution through diplomatic channels. That’s what they said about the problem in Tehran in 1979.

It really is looking as if Carter’s second term was grossly overly optimistic for the next few years. Even Buchanan’s second term may be better than we can expect.

Forget It, Jake. It’s Maryland.

The Washington Free Beacon has a story up headlined Biden Nominee Helped Free Robber, Accused Sex-Trafficker.

President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as the top federal prosecutor in Maryland helped free a Delaware death row inmate who was subsequently implicated in a sex-trafficking ring and convicted of second degree robbery.

“Erek Barron is the latest example of the Biden administration’s focus on criminal leniency rather than public safety or the rule of law,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) told the Washington Free Beacon. “He would bring to the Maryland United States Attorney’s Office more of the same soft-on-crime approach that has already made Baltimore one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and more innocent people would be victimized as a result.”

Barron is typical of the progressive prosecutors Democrats are elevating across the country. As a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, Barron has pressed for reforms progressive prosecutors champion, like abolishing mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes and making certain police personnel records available to the public. Republican lawmakers like Cotton say their approach is inappropriate amid spikes in violent crime in certain parts of the country.

He’s from Prince George’s County but should fit right in with what’s happening in Baltimore.

Not Just Clueless But Lawless Too

The Supreme Court has denied a request for a stay pending appeal of the injunction requiring the Xiden Administration to reimplement the remain-in-Mexico requirement for asylum seekers entering the country at the southern border. A U.S. District Court found that the Xiden Administration broke law in promulgating its preferred policy. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s finding.

Harbingers of Stagflation

The recent employment report was expected to show around a million new jobs. Only around a quarter of a million were created. The Consumer Price Index for April rose 4.2 %, even greater than the expected 3.6 % inflation.

And in other news, the Xiden administration wants to dump multiple trillions of deficit spending into the economy.

Carter’s second term is beginning to look like the best case scenario.

I wonder how badly the values of my 401k and IRA will be hit.

Sanctioning America’s Allies

Last week, the Xiden Administration threatened to impose sanctions against Germany and India. Germany has been a key NATO ally for decades, and India is a member of the Quad (with America, Australia, and Japan) seeking to constraint Chinese aggressiveness in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


It seems that the Germans are on the verge of completing a natural gas pipeline from Russia that will provide 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year, mostly at the expense of the 87 billion cubic meters now flowing through a Ukrainian pipeline.

India is planning to purchase a Russian S400 air defense system which would increase its ability to defend against Pakistani or Chinese aircraft.

Now, a reasonable argument can be made for opposing those deals because of their benefits to Russia. OTOH, another common denominator between them is their potential adverse effects on Xiden family allies—Ukraine and China.


Trying to Bully a Bully

In a thoroughly incompetent attempt to look tough, Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Advisor Sullivan made a point of insulting the Chinese delegation during a joint press conference prior to a high-level meeting in Anchorage this week. They were surprised when the Chinese responded, in kind and more effectively.

The Gentle Reader who has followed this blog for a while will surely remember that I advocate giving bullies a dose of their own medicine. However, if one doesn’t have the means to strike back effectively, a weak response will only encourage the bully’s belief in his own superiority and entitlement. If one cannot strike effectively, one should hold until an effective response is possible. Joe Xiden’s team wound up demonstrating to the Chinese just how weak and incompetent the new U.S. foreign policy team is.

Fred Fleitz has a post reviewing the disaster in Alaska. He notes

[t]he Alaska press event was a debacle that will build a perception that the US is returning to Jimmy Carter-like incompetence in foreign policy. It also confirms claims by Biden critics that his foreign policy team is headed by inept second and third-string Obama retreads.

America’s enemies are watching and planning how to cash in on President Biden’s weak and incompetent foreign policy.

Is it 2025 yet?

UPDATE—I hate autocorrupt. I fixed the first sentence. It now reads “look tough.”