A Low Budget Remake Flops?

Justin Trudeau’s attempt to use police violence in Ottawa for a low budget remake of the Odessa Steps has flopped. He’s announced he is pulling the plug on the Emergencies Act.

The original Odessa Steps sequence is part of Serge Eisenstein’s propaganda masterpiece Battleship Potemkin. In the end, it appears that Trudeau’s propaganda efforts did more to expose the true nature of his Potemkin village government than anything else.

Potemkin Healthcare

Potemkin Websites All The Way Down is the headline on Ed Driscoll’s post at PJ Media about the Obamacare IT disaster.

I’m not sure that’s accurate. If enough layers are shoveled away, we may find something more like the Battleship Potemkin with a crew that refuses to eat the rotten meat.

Let it burn.