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Say, I have;t seen any coverage of The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s recent loss in the Court of Appeals over at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. They promised to keep us informed of his legal saga, but it’s now been over three years since the site had any new material. However, this post of News from Minitrue that ran eight years ago today is probably the sort thing we would have seen from BU.

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Baghdad Blob sez—BaghdadBlob20140108a

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I’m pleased that Hogewash! isn’t the only site covering this story.

Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

25kTitleThat’s the title of Bill Schmalfeldt’s fundraising campaign seeking to raise $25,000 to pay for a lawsuit against us “wingnuts” who have stolen his “good name.” It is based on a couple of false premises.

The first is that Bill Schmalfeldt’s reputation is such that he had a good name when his activities came under the scrutiny of those of us he refers to as “wingnuts.” Such an assertion is utter rubbish. By the time the Cabin Boy began to draw attention to himself by attacks on the National Bloggers Club, Aaron Walker, and Lee Stranahan, he had already made a fool of himself with his “coverage” of the Wisconsin recall elections, and he been fired or banned from several online venues. His actions over the past couple of years have not enhanced his reputation.

wingnutThe second is the nonsensical proposition that we “wingnuts” somehow took his reputation from him. What happened over the last year is that, beginning with Lee Stranahan, those of us who had been his victims began to try to have him held accountable for his harassment. Lee Stranahan wasn’t successful. Neither was Aaron Walker. I have been partially successful. Schmalfeldt is subject to a peace order because of his harassment of me, and there are criminal charges pending against him because of his violations of that order. The Cabin Boy was adjudicated a harasser in a fair and open trial during which he was represented by able counsel. He appealed, and his appeal was rejected.

Schmalfeldt has a history of making threats. He has a history of making false reports to law enforcement and other government agencies. And he has been making noises about causing more mischief for us “wingnuts.” Some of us exercise common sense and occasionally take a look at what he writing to see what he’s up to. The Cabin Boy calls this “stalking.”

The Baghdad Blob’s Bleg has been singularly unsuccessful, but not because leftwing folks don’t have money or are cheapskates. These days, progressive causes tend to be better funded than conservative or libertarian ones. Schmalfeldt’s problem is more likely that he has so throughly trashed his own reputation that even the moonbat fringe wants nothing to do with him and that he may have become more of a liability than an asset to his “friends.”


Prevarication Du Jour

As I noted earlier, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to be getting much support from his Internet buddies with his Baghdad Blob’s Bleg trying to raise $25,000 to fund a lawsuit. My earlier post brought in fifty bucks from Matt Osborne, but that’s it.wilsb8_201401070053ZLet’s pretend for a moment that Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson is telling the truth. He follows the @DespicableBill account, so the Cabin Boy’s tweets have been showing up in VOSF’s timeline. VOSF’s not knowing would be the result of ignoring dozens of tweets over the last few days.

OTOH, if we were to scroll through @wilsb8’s tweets, we would find this—wilsb8_201401050223ZReading that exchange sorta/kinda pokes a hole in any rational belief that VOSF was unaware of the Cabin Boy’s fundraiser. In spite of the likelihood that the Cabin Boy will accuse me of “blind unreasoning hatred,” it seems reasonable to conclude that VOSF lied.

Oh, the premium that the Cabin Boy was offering was his urinal calibration target.

Money and Mouths

BaghdadBlobBleg20140104There’s an old expression that encourages one to put one’s money where one’s mouth is. As can be seen in the unchanged total in Baghdad Blob’s Bleg (Bill Schmalfeldt’s fundraiser seeking $25,000 to fund a lawsuit against me), none of the Cabin Boy’s Internet buddies have given anything to his effort.

Matt Osborne $0
XCitizen10 zip
William Ferguson nada
WhoisNumberNone zilch
Breitbartunmask nothing
x3n0ph0n zero
Neal Rauhauser pfft

I can understand not wanting to throw good money after bad, but it’s pathetic that they can’t come up with a few bucks.


Bonus Prevarications Du Jour

Baghdad Blob has told a couple of whoppers this morning in reaction to today’s Prevarication Du Jour. Let’s examine them in turn.db201401061241ZI have secured a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt. Reporting suspected violations of that order to the appropriate authorities is a lawful act. Similarly, suing someone who has already been adjudicated as a harasser for harassment would not only be legal, it would about as close to a slam dunk as one can find in a courtroom. The Cabin Boy claimed in his original tweet that he never threatened me, but in the tweet above he admits he did.

Threatening to accuse someone of a crime in an attempt to persuade him to not do something he legally may do is extortion.

In his original tweet, the Cabin Boy also claimed that he never harassed me. During the last court hearing, I submitted three obscene pictures that Schmalfeldt published as evidence of harassment.

db201401061304ZI’ll discuss just one of the images that I submitted as evidence of harassment. I won’t reproduce any part of it because the judge sealed that evidence. It is a picture of two men engaging in homosexual sex. My face had been put on the person on the receiving end of anal sex. I have not complained about having my face photoshopped into every picture that Schmalfeldt ever published—some were actually clever—but I have complained about being grafted into porn. The judge looked at the pictures entered into evidence, the events surrounding their publication, the web pages containing them, and the Cabin Boy’s comments about them, and he found that their publication was harassment.

BaghdadBlob20140105The picture on the left was inspired by Aaron Walker referring to Bill Schmalfeldt as “Baghdad Blob.” Schmalfeldt’s face has been grafted on to a widened version of the body of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob). That’s the image Schmalfeldt complains about. Schmalfeldt wants to equate a parody image that ties his track record of making false predictions of legal victories with a notorious propagandist to hard-core porn. The Gentle Reader may draw his own conclusion as to who is the hypocrite.

Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

BaghdadBlobBleg20140104As of 10:30 pm ET on 4 January, Baghdad Blob’s Bleg for $25,000 dollars so that he can sue me is up to the massive total of 25 bucks. Schmalfeldt received those funds from a single contributor who identified himself as “Getyourshinebox.”

That’s an interesting name. It calls to mind the line that Billy Batts throws at Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas. It’s also the line that the Cabin Boy was throwing at me when he was tweeting how he was going to subject me to devastating and humiliating cross examination during the hearing for his failed motion to modify the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order. That’s probably just a coincidence. After all, the Cabin Boy wouldn’t do something like make an initial contribution to make it look like there might be interest in his cause, would he?

BTW, I still have the shoe shine box that I made in 8th-grade shop class. It’s kinda crude, but I’m sentimentally attached to it.

Bassackwards Bill

Aaron Walker notes the Cabin Boy’s hypocrisy—@aaronworthing210401041756ZActually, the law I used to secure the peace order against the Cabin Boy was Md Courts & Judicial Procedures § 3-1503. It’s not the law that is designed to protect abused persons from family members or significant others. That statute is Md Family Law § 4-506 which deals with protective orders. It was a protective order that Brett Kimberlin sought against his wife.

Baghdad Blob’s New Bleg

As some of you may remember, Bill Schmalfeldt tried to raise $10,000 last year to fund a lawsuit against me. He received no donations. This year, he’s going first class and has a blegging campaign going to raise $25,000 (No, I won’t link to it.) As of the drafting of this post, he hasn’t raised a dime.

The following is from his appeal:

[O]ne individual was successful in getting a “peace order” against me. This gave the “Google Bombers” leave to refer to me as an adjudicated harasser. I am appealing that decision in Maryland’s highest courts.

The finding in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt that he harassed me was the basis for the peace order being issued. Schmalfeldt has already appealed the Circuit Court’s decision to the Maryland Court of Appeals (the state’s highest court) and his petition for a writ of certiorari was denied. All of his state appeals are exhausted, so, unless he is planning to file a petition for a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States on or before 19 January, that matter is decided. After that deadline, his last opportunity for appeal will have expired. Schmalfeldt often confuses one legal term with another. It may be that what he really means is that he’s appealing the six-month extension of the peace order. Whatever the case, Bill Schmalfeldt has been adjudicated a harasser, and, after 19 January, that will be unappealably final. Game over.

The Cabin Boy also writes that

I can’t find an attorney willing to represent me on a contingency …

which isn’t surprising. He has no real case. If he did, he could easily find a lawyer who would be willing to represent him on a fee-contingent basis.

… and filing a lawsuit pro se is beyond my means and ability.

That, at least, shows that he may have learned something from his foray into pro se litigation during the hearings on his motion to modify the peace order and my motion to extend it.