On the Use of Anonymity

Brett Kavanaugh faced an anonymous accuser until it became obvious that the attack on his nomination to the Supreme Court would not be derailed that way. As Victor Davis Hanson notes in a post over at American Greatness, the selective use of anonymous sources has become a favorite method of the Left.

Anonymity has also become the impediment to ending the entire Russia-Trump collusion mythology. Almost every document that is so painstakingly obtained from a Justice Department or FBI archive appears so heavily redacted as to be worthless. Miscreants are not identified by name, but instead by letters or numbers. The point of redaction is to disconnect the deep-state messenger from the incriminating message.

How strange, then, that some government leaks to the press are replete with names, and so damn the innocent like Carter Page. Yet at other times official government documents use redaction to protect the identity of the culpable. So the final irony of the new cult of anonymity is that not all anonymity is equal.

The Obama National Security Council and others did their best to unmask and, quite illegally, leak the names of those caught up in surveillance. Either officials in the Justice Department or the FBI or both fed the toady press the names of a number of surveilled Trump campaign personnel.

If an official is willing to offer dirt on the current president, then journalists peddle the gossip and innuendo through the use of anonymity to “protect” a valuable source.

Yet if a name is legally protected from disclosure, but its release might fuel an anti-Trump narrative, then it is usually leaked.

Noble progressive ends justify any means necessary to obtain them—and increasingly anonymity is the preferred method.

Read the whole thing.

Yesterday, President Trump directed the DoJ, FBI, and DNI to release certain information related to the Russian collusion investigation in unredacted form. This has resulted in a round of pearl clutching by some reporters who had previously trafficked in anonymous leaks. You’d think that journalists would be in favor of such transparency, but when it interferes with the narrative, …

An Email for Mrs. Hoge

This arrived in Mrs. Hoge’s inbox today.

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Subject: Concerned about your pervert husband
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Your husband is being criminally charged with stalking a teenage girl. That’s some sick stuff. Imagine what everyone at the Forestry Board is thinking when they read the newest article about your husband’s perversions. So embarrassing. Finally people at Goddard are taking an interest in John’s mental depravity and he will more than likely be suspended, if not let go totally. You have your own insurance, don’t you? I hope so. Remember what happened when John was responsible for his own mother’s care. He had to be taken to court twice to pay her bills. Sorry that you are suffering through a disease and a terrible marriage to a perverted man with a deteriorating mental capacity. The more your friends are made aware, the more support you will receive…. right?

[link to Breitbart Unmasked redacted]

On Decorum

I was watching an interview of Gene Wilder, and he gave a thoughtful answer to the question of why he stopped doing much acting. Anyone who has seen Young Frankenstein knows that Wilder is no prude, but, he said he didn’t want to participate in the over-the-top violence and vulgarity he was finding in the scripts he was being sent. Similarly, I’ve tried to maintain a decent, but not prudish, level of decorum here at Hogewash!.

I am now going to make an exception. I’m going to begin letting comment of this sort through moderation. We’ll see how long Brett Kimberlin’s cyberthugs can sustain their targeted abuse when they have to do it in the open.

The light’s been turned on. Let’s see how the roaches scurry.

Funny You Should Mention That

Commenter gmhowell wrote this in the comment section of the Another Forgery? post below.

I suspect ‘Gail’ is to Bill as ‘mother’ was to Norman Bates: a convenient fiction to help him further his own mental deterioration.

That’s an interesting observation. You see, one of the images that the anonymous coward Team Kimberlin commenter(s) have been repeatedly sending along with comments about Mrs. Hoge is this one from the movie Psycho:batesmomTeam Kimberlin’s fascination with ugly, macabre, and perverse things is really quite repulsive.

Team Kimberlin Channels Brave Sir Robin

Beginning last Sunday (when The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin had probably put the finishing touches on his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO2 LOLsuit), I began receiving an unusually large number of obscene and/or threatening comments here at Hogewash!; most of them were poorly done photoshop jobs that used Mrs. Hoge’s face in an inappropriate manner.) The last one came in at 3:21 pm ET on Tuesday, 17 March.

sir robin shieldAt 3:56 pm on Tuesday, I posted Judge Hazel’s order dismissing all of TDPK’s Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness claims against me. Since then,


Brave Sir Anonymous Coward has run away.

When Team Kimberlin thinks they are about to score a win, they are big on spiking the ball before they get it to the end zone. Where I learned the game, that’s called a fumble, and it often results in a turnover to the other team’s advantage.


Feel Free to Make a Bigger Fool of Yourself

Here’s one of the Team Kimberlin comments so far this afternoon.TK210501191932ZGo ahead. Post the stuff on Facebook. Mrs. Hoge’s friends all know her and will be certain that the she isn’t the source of any of your filth. While you’ll disgust some people, you won’t embarrass her. You’ll simply show yourself to be a creeptastic fool.

You’re gonna need a good-sized bandage for you own foot.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yesterday, Hogewash! received 20 comments which appeared to come from one or more members of Team Kimberlin. I won’t reproduce them here; they are too vile and, in some cases, obscene for this blog. They can be read here. I don’t recommend them, but they’re there for anyone who feels the need to see the sewage that flows from those cyberthugs.

While their behavior is shameful, I doubt that it is possible to shame them. I suspect that their consciences are too seared for them to feel that emotion.

Superficially, this sort of crap is annoying, but at a deeper level, it is actually encouraging. As the noose tightens and panic sets in, this vileness is all Team Kimberlin has left.