A Proposed Abortion Regulation

Ann Althouse reviews the Supreme Court’s decisions on abortion and proposes the following:

Here’s an idea for an abortion regulation that I’ve never heard anyone else discuss, but which occurred to me as I’ve read and reread the Supreme Court cases. A woman seeking an abortion must sign a statement: I have reflected on the nature of the procedure I am about to undergo, and I attest to my sincere belief that it will not kill a human being.

Read the whole thing.


A couple of days ago, I awarded 4 Pinocchios to WaPo for labeling the Romney campaign’s claim on the percentage of job losses affecting women as TRUE BUT FALSE. PolitiFact has rated the claim as “Mostly False.” Ann Althouse is puzzled by such a rating:

I don’t get it. It’s true, but nevertheless “Mostly False,” because… because what? Because Obama isn’t responsible for the numbers?! How does that make the assertion “Mostly False”? The assertion is simply a number, and you’ve said the number is correct. The conclusion should be “Completely True.”

Prof. Althouse, the numbers don’t fit the narrative; therefore, they aren’t politically correct, so they must be wrong. Right?