Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

House Democrats introduced their so-called Equality Act in March. If it became law, it would strike down religious freedom protections for private citizens if they ran their own businesses on the basis of their beliefs. In post titled Mayor Pete Will Make You Bake the Cake over at The Washington Free Beacon, Bill Morris discusses Pete Buttigieg’s support for the proposed legislation.

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg’s public calls for pluralism do not apply to religious small business owners.

South Bend Mayor Buttigieg has made his Episcopalian faith and tolerance a centerpiece of his campaign, but the policies he champions would force religious small business owners to participate in ceremonies they find objectionable under penalty of law. Buttigieg, who is married to a man, will keynote the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner. The nation’s largest LGBT lobbying group credited his support for the Equality Act for the invitation.

So let me get this straight (pun intended). Because this guy has been petitioning for redress of what he sees as grievance based on his personal religious beliefs, he’s been invited to peaceably assemble with likeminded individuals. Uh, huh. I suppose that’s fine to a certain extent, but would he do if the law he advocates passes—and a Muslim demanded he bake (or pay for) a cake advocating the firm application of Sharia to homosexuals?

I’ll bet he’d expect that his beliefs should prevail and be protected by the First Amendment because protected class.

Eric Holder v. Civil Rights

If you were attacked by a mountain lion, would you fight back? Most of us would.

OK, instead of a four-legged predator, what if you were attacked by a two-legged one? Do you still think that you have a right to defend yourself? Or should you be required to run away? If I’m reading Eric Holder’s speech to the NAACP correctly, he wants to limit your right to self-defense. Is he forgetting this?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life …

Isn’t our right to be alive and preserve our lives the most basic civil right? And didn’t the Supreme Court say in the Heller decision that the basis of the Second Amendment is grounded in the right of self-defense?

We have real world examples of how the aggressive suppression of the right to go armed in self-defense has worked. In Chicago, the murder rate is through the roof. New York has kept a better lid on violence but at the cost of subjecting its citizens to “stop and frisk” searches by the police.

It’s as if the Progressives want to make two-legged predators a protected species in a kind of Orwellian inversion of “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

As I Remember, It Was the Pigs Who Got the Farmhouse

What’s all this now then? It seems that the some animals are more equal than others. The $700-per-night W Hotel Downtown last week hosted Peter Dutro, one of the OWS members on the finance committee. Ed Morrissey has more info over at Hot Air.

It seems that the warnings about the hijacking of OWS by the Spokes Council, a small group that plotted to seize control of the funds and usurp the “General Assembly,” may have been valid.

Protesting against The Man, huh?

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.