Obama Burns 9,000 Gallons of Jet Fuel to Celebrate Earth Day

No. Really.

Read about it here.

I agree with Instapundit that we should believe in the global warming climate change crisis when the folks telling us about it act as if they really believe it themselves.

UPDATE—Burning that much jet fuel produces a bit more than 6 tons of carbon emissions.

About That Latte Salute

The military salute is courtesy. If the President as Commander-in-Chief chooses to return a salute rendered by a service member, he should do so courteously. There’s been a bit of brouhaha over the salute returned by President Obama last week while his hand was encumbered with a cup of coffee.

I’ve been somewhat amused by the various attempts by some folks on the left to try to spin some of the adverse comments as purely political grousing.

Now, I realize that many of those spin meisters don’t have any military background, but I’m shocked by how many of them refer to the event has happening as the President debarked from Air Force One.aircraft_oneThe Air Force is generally responsible for providing the long-haul transportation of the President. The aircraft normally used are Boeing 747s. The Marine Corps provides helicopter transportation for the President. Air Force One is the call sign of the President’s airplane. Marine Corps One is his helicopter.

UPDATE—Additional hint for militarily confused journalists. If you see Marines at the bottom of the ramp, that’s the helicopter. The big jet will have airman at the bottom of the ramp. The Marines’ uniforms are a darker blue.