The Pie Recipe

Here’s the recipe for William’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie.

Make the filing of equal amounts of Stayman Winesap and Pink Lady apples tossed together with Grade B maple syrup (that’s the dark kind with extra solids). Put the filing in a pie shell and add the lattice top made of butcher cut bacon. The bacon will shrink while cooking, so the ends will initially droop over the edge of the pie shell. Bake in a 350 °F oven until the shell and bacon are done. Put a drip pan under the pie to catch drips from the bacon.

William’s Clean .45

Back in January, when Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted to some of us that he was going after our kids, my 25 year old son William did a guest post suggesting to the Cabin Boy that he would be a more appropriate target for Schmalfeldt to take on rather than some of the toddlers or even teenagers among our kids. William included a picture of himself so that Schmalfeldt would know who to come after.

Schmalfeldt insists that the picture constitutes a threat because it shows William cleaning a pistol. He keeps saying how he’s going to use it in court. Actually, he’s already tried. His lawyer showed the picture to me for identification while cross examining me during the 28 February peace order hearing. When I said, “That’s a picture of my son cleaning his .45,” he asked me if thought it was threatening. When answered, No,” he dropped that line of questioning without introducing the picture into evidence.

Here’s what the lower lefthand corner of the picture shows:Wm'sClean45

As you can see, the pistol is disassembled. I’ve labeled the major components. A field stripped pistol isn’t much of a threat.

One would think that, given his service as a Medical Corpsman with the Marines, Bill Schmalfeldt would have see enough filed stripped pistols to recognize a picture of one.

OTOH, given the unsafe gun handling he demonstrates in this picture, he may not have learned much from the Marines after all.GEOne more thing … Someone’s gonna ask, so I’ll answer this now. It’s not a Model 1911. It’s a CZ97.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a Bully

This is a guest post by my son William:

Last month, I did a guest post here about my reaction to Bill Schmalfeldt’s implied threat to the families of people such as Lee Stranahan and Patrick Frey. I suggested to him that if he wanted to come after someone’s kid, he could try me. I’m 25 and able to take care of myself.

Mr. Schmalfeldt has been saying that I’ve threatened to kill him. That isn’t so. Click on this link to the original post and see for yourself. He’s the one who makes threats and then attempts to backpedal. It’s as if he’s saying, “No fair! You’re not supposed to defend yourself.” It’s just a load of Kimberlin-style fact twisting. And isn’t it interesting that he didn’t think enough of the “threat” to report it until after he had been called to account for his threats?

Oh, two more things.

My father is very familiar with Julius Caesar. He has performed the role of Mark Antony.

And I like my hot dogs with chili, cheese, and bacon.will_hotdog
Note: The model release for the above photo allows for Internet use only on Hogewash! and not any other website.

Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt Takes the Bait, Again

I’ve been fortunate that Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempts at harassing me have been so inept that they actually have been a source of bemused amusement. That hasn’t been the case for other targets such as Stacy McCain or Lee Stranahan. They have been the recipients of massive trolling and harassment directed not only at them but also at their families.

When CBBS has started up on me, I’ve generally let him roll for a while before making some tangentially related comment. He and his buddies and sock puppets will, without fail, jump on that comment. I’ll let them go on for an hour or so and then tweet that they’ve taken the bait. The trolling ends within minutes.

My son read a tweet by CBBS yesterday that implied that he intended to engage in some more cyberbullying of his previous targets. Given that some of those families have young children, my son decided to put himself in between the bully and the little kids.

CBBS took the bait.

He has been going on about being murdered by my son. Of course, Will has never threatened Bill Schmalfeldt. If his guest post had contained any threat, it would never have been on Hogewash!—this blog does not engage in threats, and any threats received are immediately reported to law enforcement.

One rather silly thing that CBBS has done is to put up a poorly altered version of the photo Will posted of himself, replacing Will’s head with Porky Pig’s. (No, I won’t link to it.) Will’s reaction: “What do you expect from a Loonie Toon?”

Hmmmm. Perhaps, CBBS should be more afraid of Judge Doom and The Dip.

For now … That’s all, folks!

UPDATE—Bill Schmalfeldt appears to want to further beclown himself with his unhinged rants about my son and me. That’s fine by us. Neither of us cares what a foolish fellow with diminishingly small credibility has to say about us. More important, every effort he expends spinning his wheels trying to get our attention is energy he doesn’t spend harassing others. That’s a win-win for Will and me.

Have at it with your BS, BS.

FINAL UPDATE—ROFL. Black Betty included a link to this picture in her comment below. I’m posting it here in order to save the Gentle Reader a mouse click. As I type this, CBBS and Breitbart Unmasked are wasting bandwidth with potty-mouthed tweets about Will and me. Good. It keeps them off of someone else’s back.ThecrewBill Schmalfeldt has filed a DMCA takedown notice on the original parody image. This will have to do for now:thecrew2


My Son and Bullies

I’m proud of my son. He isn’t perfect, but he does have many excellent qualities, one of which is bravery. Also, like me, he hates bullies.

One day, when Will was in middle school, he was in the park near our house when he saw some older boys bullying some younger kids. Will yelled for them to knock it off, and when the didn’t, he moved in between the bullies and their victims. The small children were able to escape. Will, facing 3-to-1 odds, took a beating. That wasn’t the only time he confronted bullies, but it was the only time he came out on the short end of the stick.

Late yesterday evening, Will called out another bully with a history of terrorizing small children. It seems that rather than backing off, the bully is going to turn his attention to my son. Will tells me that he looks forward to seeing how Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt makes a fool of himself this time.

Hello, Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt, I’m One of Their Kids

The following is a guest post by my son William IV in response to this tweet by CBBScbbs20130127

Bill Schmalfeldt, you are a cowardly bully who gets his kicks terrorizing other people and their families. You strike me as the kind of thug who should have had the stuffing beaten out of him on the playground in elementary school as a lesson in how to survive in polite company.

Rather than terrorizing Patrick Frey’s wife and children or Lee Stranahan’s family again, I suggest that you try me. I’m closer to your size. Here’s a picture of me so you’ll know for sure who you’re dealing with.williamIV

A Weekend at the Ranges

Yes, that’s ranges (plural).

Yesterday, my son and I went over the indoor range we frequent. He took his Colt Python .357 for practice. He also was picking up a used Mossberg 195K-A from the dealer who owns the range. The 195K-A is a bolt action 12 ga that was made during the mid-50s. William’s has the optIonal adjustable choke and rifle sights. He was able to pattern the gun with 00 buckshot. The pattern at 7 yd was so tight that the pellets tore single holes about 2-1/2 in across. At 25 yd, the pattern was about half the width of a silhouette target with the choke dialed in at improved cylinder. The pattern was centered on the point of aim. The idea that you don’t have to aim with a shotgun is bunk.

After church today, Mrs. Hoge and I went to the outdoor range run by our county’s Park and Recreation Department. This was Mrs. Hoge’s first day with her new rifle, a Mossberg 100 ATR in .243 Winchester. After she got it zeroed, she shot several 1 in or smaller groups at 100 yd with Hornady 95 gr SST Superformance ammunition. That’s at or better than the accuracy spec of the rifle. She and the rifle did almost as well with Remington 100 gr PSP ammo. The rifle was not happy with the Federal 100 gr Nosler Partition rounds she tried.

Bambi is in trouble.