Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Deadbeat Pretender Kimberlin clearly wants to be a player, but everything he tries seems to wind up being a bust hand. Big time drug smuggling—failure. Serial bombing spree—failure. Claiming to be a politician’s drug dealer—failure. Pro-se lawfare—failure. The following ran as the TKPOTD three years ago today. It deals with one of his many errors during his lawfare and Team Kimberlin’s general incompetence in gathering information to support their false narratives.

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Here’s a marvelous bit of nonsense from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to most of the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit. It compares the defendants to James Bond and the Mafia.ECF 74-p2

Talk about projection! It’s Team Kimberlin that thinks they’re Internet super spies sleuthing out information on nefarious Right Wing Nut Jobs. Of course, they’re something quite different in reality.

The Gentle Reader may remember some of the Cabin Boy’s™ epic failures as an investigator. This past spring, he went on and on about discovering a soooper sekrit zombie website, but the site turned out to be a honeypot, and his reaction to it yielded information useful to the defendants in Schmalfeldt’s various bogus lawsuits. He got suckered again by the zombies just a few days ago.

Bunny Boy and the other hangers on at Breitbart Unmasked are moderately less clumsy, but managed to join with the Cabin Boy™ flailing around in the search for the original Kimberlin Unmasked. At one time or another, the original KU was positively identified as Aaron Walker, Jeff Dunetz, Dan Collins, Dustyn Hughes, Patrick Frey, Kender MacGowan, me, and several others. Accuracy and strong investigative skills are not BU‘s strong suits.

popcorn4bkTeam Kimberlin’s inability to gather data from open sources and their incompetence in penetrating only moderately secure online systems is clearly a source of frustration for TDPK. You can see that in the wildly inappropriate and staggeringly useless things he sought during discovery in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance LOLsuit and in the mind-numbingly wasteful discovery he’s pursuing in the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.

If I wasn’t having to deal with his nonsense as a defendant, I’d probably find it more amusing.

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Team Kimberlin isn’t doing any better in the realm of foreign intelligence either. The $9k spent on bogus documents that was the subject of reporting in 2017 aren’t the only … um … interesting things I may have to write about one day.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

We’re still waiting for the dust to settle in some of the Team Kimberlin litigation, so I’m still posting retrospective TKPOTDs. Looking back on the past Thirds of October, I found a couple of Pervarications Du Jour relating to Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt™. I decided to go with this one from 2014.

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wmsdbIf @WmsDb is the Cabin Boy’s™ only Twitter account, then who do these belong to?wmsmusicradioinjusticebusterThey were active accounts as of 9:15 pm ET tonight.

sir robin shieldUPDATE—A bit less than an hour after this post went up, I was informed that the Cabin Boy™ had taken his @WmsDb account private.


Why bother having a Twitter feed?

Moreover, why bother with an Internet presence at all when the vast majority of one’s postings generate more trouble than they are worth?

Two years ago, the Cabin Boy™ seemed to be a credible threat on the Internet. He had caused a significant amount of bother to several families. Then, about a year-and-a-half ago, he made the mistake of picking on me. I’ve kept after him and been able to hold him at least partially accountable for his actions, in the process demonstrating what a worthless non-entity he actually is. No one takes him seriously any more, and, to the extent that he is bothersome, he’s now seeing similar pushback from the people he annoys. Maryland and Arizona have already found him to be a harasser. A couple more states may join them soon.

Twitter, Kindle, and other online hosts and venues are getting wise to him. Supporting jerks who piss off their revenue generating customers doesn’t fit their business models. He will find himself more isolated day-by-day.

If the Cabin Boy™ had a milligram of sense, he’d pack it in. If …

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The Cabin Boy™ still has several active Twitter accounts, including—


Some many accounts, so few real followers, so little impact.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

A year ago, I was still a defendant in The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. While the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuits have been inconvenient, his incompetence in pursuing them has been a magnificent source of pointage, laughery, and mockification. This originally ran as the TKPOTD a year ago today.

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Rather than file a proper response to my lawyer’s motion for a more definite statement in LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact, the Cabin Boy™ appears to using the Twitterz to clarify one of his allegations against me.If his tweet is truthful, then the only allegedly defamatory remark in the paragraph the Cabin Boy™ cites is my reference to him as a deranged cyberstalker. If that’s the case, then he is admitting that the rest of the paragraph is not defamatory.

If his tweet is truthful, then Bill Schmalfeldt believes that it is not defamatory to say he is a liar. Or that he is untrustworthy. Or that he fails to live up to his agreements. Or that he fled Maryland.

Paradoxically, if his tweet is truthful, then its author is a liar.

If his tweet is truthful.

* * * * *

Even liars sometimes tell the truth.

HD 184738

HD 184738This is HD 184738, also known as Campbell’s hydrogen star. It is surrounded by plumes of reddish gas—the red and orange are the glow of surrounding gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen. The star is at the center of a small planetary nebula, and very bright in the infrared part of the spectrum. The surrounding dust is probably very similar to the material from which the Earth formed. The origin of this dust is uncertain.

Image Credit: NASA

On the Use of Anonymity

Brett Kavanaugh faced an anonymous accuser until it became obvious that the attack on his nomination to the Supreme Court would not be derailed that way. As Victor Davis Hanson notes in a post over at American Greatness, the selective use of anonymous sources has become a favorite method of the Left.

Anonymity has also become the impediment to ending the entire Russia-Trump collusion mythology. Almost every document that is so painstakingly obtained from a Justice Department or FBI archive appears so heavily redacted as to be worthless. Miscreants are not identified by name, but instead by letters or numbers. The point of redaction is to disconnect the deep-state messenger from the incriminating message.

How strange, then, that some government leaks to the press are replete with names, and so damn the innocent like Carter Page. Yet at other times official government documents use redaction to protect the identity of the culpable. So the final irony of the new cult of anonymity is that not all anonymity is equal.

The Obama National Security Council and others did their best to unmask and, quite illegally, leak the names of those caught up in surveillance. Either officials in the Justice Department or the FBI or both fed the toady press the names of a number of surveilled Trump campaign personnel.

If an official is willing to offer dirt on the current president, then journalists peddle the gossip and innuendo through the use of anonymity to “protect” a valuable source.

Yet if a name is legally protected from disclosure, but its release might fuel an anti-Trump narrative, then it is usually leaked.

Noble progressive ends justify any means necessary to obtain them—and increasingly anonymity is the preferred method.

Read the whole thing.

Yesterday, President Trump directed the DoJ, FBI, and DNI to release certain information related to the Russian collusion investigation in unredacted form. This has resulted in a round of pearl clutching by some reporters who had previously trafficked in anonymous leaks. You’d think that journalists would be in favor of such transparency, but when it interferes with the narrative, …