A Stupid Gun Stunt

So this Democrat candidate wanted to make a statement favoring gun control, and she made this video—

After questions were asked as to whether she had committed a felony by manufacturing a short-barreled rifle (SBR) without the proper paperwork and without paying the required tax, she took the video down. Someone has reposted it.

While she did cut the barrel and the gas tube on the AR-15, she left the lower receiver intact. As far as the ATF is concerned, the lower receiver is the firearm. The weapon should still be functional as a bolt action SBR, and replacing or repairing the damaged upper receiver should return the rifle to “fully” semiautomatic operation.

Five years and $100,000.

UPDATE—A bit of “gunsplaining”: It would have been legal to have cut the barrel and gas tube on the upper receiver if the upper had been detached from the lower when the cuts were made and if the upper were not reattached.

Age Discrimination and Gun Control

Dick’s and Walmart recently announced that they would stop selling rifles and shotguns to buyers under the age of 21. That’s illegal under the age discrimination laws in many states, and The Hill reports that lawsuits seeking to enforce the Oregon anti-discrimination law have been filed against both companies.

I had figured that the first suit would come in California, but Oregon will do.

The Left really isn’t going to like having to live under the rules they have created.

An Unintended Consequence

There’s a post over at Bearing Arms that deals with a slip of the tongue by a Florida politician. Speaking about the suggestion that teachers be allowed to be armed, Sen. Oscar Branynon (D-Miami Gardens) is quoted as saying, “It bothers me to think as a father of two young boys to tell them to not be aggressive to your teacher.”

Aggressive? Speaking up in class to challenge a teacher’s conclusions isn’t aggression. Aggressive behavior would involve threatening a teacher’s (or third party’s) safety. It seems that the senator is saying he wants his sons to have the right to act in threatening ways to their teachers.

And so we see a potential bug in a suggestion to improve public safety: it may limit the options of some members of the Ruling Class to act with impunity.

You see, it’s not about reducing crime. Not really.

Oh, there are some who think it will do just that, but it doesn’t take long to realize that criminals will continue to act like criminals regardless of what tools are available to them.

What the gun control movement is really about is making it so that people have no means to resist. Not only can we not resist criminals, but also a government that wants to run roughshod over the American people. After all, the politics of people who want to curtail our access to firearms are the same people who want to subvert the entire Constitution.

They want us to be like Branynon’s sons’ teachers, unarmed and unable to respond to “aggression.”

Read the whole thing.