Mergers and Acquisitions

This is a  simulation of the formation of the galaxy known as “The Mice.” It shows the merger of two spiral galaxies, and it pauses and rotates the point of view at the stage resembling a Hubble  image of “The Mice,” dissolving to that image and them back to the simulation to finish the merger.

Video Credit: Josh Barnes (University of Hawaii) and John Hibbard (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)

Organic Compounds Found on Ceres

organics-on-ceresThis enhanced color image was made with data from the Dawn spacecraft. It shows the area around a crater on the dwarf planet Ceres named Ernutet. The areas which show up as bright red are associated with evidence of organic material. Organic molecules are interesting to scientists because they are necessary, though not sufficient, components of life on Earth. This discovery adds to the growing list of bodies in the solar system where organic molecules have been found.

Image Credit: NASA