Moral Wins and Loses

While I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning and looking though the overnight comments here at Hogewash!, I found this one had been made to Sunday’s Bonus TKPOTD.I’m not sure where the “$70K” price tag comes from, but this question is an important one at root and deserves an answer. As far as I’m concerned, the answer is, “A life well lived.”

First Cakes, Now Flowers

The Supreme Court of the United States today vacated the judgement of Supreme Court of the State of Washington in Washington v. Alene’s Flowers, Inc.

The state Supreme Court had ruled that the florist’s refusing her commercially marketed wedding floral services to a same-sex wedding constituted sexual orientation discrimination that was punishable under state law and that the law did not compel speech or association and did not violate the florist’s right to free exercise of her religion.

The case was remanded back to the the state court for further consideration in light of the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision.

Quote of the Day

The truthfulness which Jesus demands from his followers is the self-abnegation which does not hide sin. Nothing is then hidden, everything is brought forth to the light of day. In this question of truthfulness, what matters first and last is that a man’s whole being should be exposed, his whole evil laid bare in the sight of God. But sinful men do not like this sort of truthfulness.

—Dietrich Bonhoeffer