Looking Forward to a Great Leap Backward™

Victor Davis Hanson has a post over at American Greatness that takes a look at how the various contenders for the Democrat’s 2020 presidential nomination are shaping Trump’s ability to use their own rhetoric against them. In passing, he notes that it will be difficult for the Democrats to sell the idea that we can rebuild our infrastructure using battery-powered versions of these—

His analysis of the candidates is equally insightful. Read the whole thing.

An Appropriate Abbreviation

I’m an Electrical Engineer. When I first saw the abbreviation GND yesterday in reference to the Green New Deal Derp, my immediate thought was of ground. In EE-speak, a ground (often abbreviated GND) is a structure that can serve as a source and sink of electric current. As such, it is the place that is the reference point for measuring electrical potential (what’s commonly called voltage), so it’s the place of zero potential.

GND has zero potential.


This Offends Me

First of all, let’s define what I mean by the word offend.

offend \ə-ˈfend v.i. 1: to cause difficulty, discomfort, or injury. 2: to cause dislike, anger, or vexation.

Because I believe in free speech, I believe that people have the right to offend me. However, I also believe that I have the right to let someone know that I find his speech or acts offensive. I’ve been holding my peace rather that pointing out offensive behavior, but I’ve decided that too many fools and downright evil people have been getting away with too much for too long. I’m going to start sounding off when I’m offended.

Here I go with episode 1.

I am offended by the lack of scientific rigor displayed in the recent American Psychological Associations guidelines on the counseling of men and boys, specifically by its gross mischaracterization of the nature of masculinity. Barbara Kay has a useful review here. (H/T, Jordan Peterson).

I’m also offended by the misuse of science to support politics. The APA shouldn’t be silenced, but they should be ashamed.