A Civil War for the Democrats?

popcorn4bkWasn’t the Republican Party’s civil war supposed to have stated last Wednesday. But now, The Hill has a post up with this headline: Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party.

The first fight over the party’s future will play out in the race for DNC chairman.

Sanders has endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) – a Muslim and a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – to be the new DNC chief.

For many liberals, nothing less than a wholesale gutting of that institution will do.

Read the whole thing.

An Enthusiasm Gap?

The turnout at our precinct in Carroll County was fairly robust when I voted around 8 am. FWIW, voter registration in Carroll County is roughly 2-to-1 Republican.

My drive from the polls to work at Goddard Space Flight Center in Prince George’s County (a deep blue county) took me through the southern part of Carroll County and across Howard County (a bluish purple county) and the northwestern part of PG County. Along the way, I saw 7 Trump yard signs and 2 Clinton yard signs in Carroll County; I saw 31 Trump, 2 Johnson, and 1 Clinton signs in Howard County; and I saw 2 Johnson and no Trump or Clinton signs in PG County. That doesn’t count signs I saw around the entrances to polling places. While I saw Trump and Johnson signs at some of them, I didn’t see a single sign for Hillary.

I still believe that Hillary will carry Maryland, but I doubt that her margin of victory will be as great as the polling suggest.

We’ll see in a few hours.