Castro, SJWs, and More Cowbell

Andrew Cline has a post over at NRO that reviews how Castro’s Cuba was a worked example of the kind of utopia Social Justice Warriors want.

For many romantic leftists, socialism is a glorious utopia that one day will magically separate itself from the strong men who somehow always manage to clamber to the top of the People’s Ladder. If only the enlightened thinkers on the Harvard Bookstore’s e-mail list could be put in charge!

Others are not so naïve. They understand that socialism is systematic oppression — but they see this as a feature, not a bug. To them, as it was for Castro, who wandered his way to Marxism, socialism offers a system in which the social and political orders are overturned and the leftists at long last can be on top. With the levers of power finally in their grasp, the redistribution — and the retribution — can begin.

Read the whole thing and find out how cowbells fit in.

Fake But Inaccurate

Certain portions of the Main Stream Media are spun up over the non-existent proposal for a “Muslim registry.” This has to do with the suggestion that the Trump administration might reinstate something along the lines of the Bush-era requirement for adult male visitors from countries such as Saudi Arabia and North Korea to be interviewed and fingerprinted. (Muslim registry? I’ve met muslims from all around the world but never from North Korea.)

In a piece over at the NY Post site Rich Lowry notes that

That the so-called Muslim registry is now a thing, a subject of high dudgeon and hot debate, is testament to how the same media that complains about “fake news” is committed to manufacturing and driving its own narratives only loosely connected to reality.

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Gallup reports that American’s satisfaction with the way things are going has declined since the election. It was running around the historical average at 37% during the week before and has dropped to 27% afterward.

A sharp decline in satisfaction among Democrats explains most of the drop. Before the election, 62% of Democrats were satisfied; now, 34% are. Widespread forecasts that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win gave Democrats’ outlook a boost in the week before the election. The increase among Democrats from 49% in October to 62% in the days leading up to the election was more than erased after Clinton lost.

Ya’ think?

Republicans’ attitudes were much less volatile over the past two months. The satisfaction rate rose slightly from 8% in October to 14% just before the election, and then climbed a few more points to 17% after Republican Donald Trump’s victory.

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They’re Doing It Wrong

safetypinSome folks are unhappy with the result of the election. (I am, but that’s because I didn’t support any of the candidates, and one of them won anyway. Where was I? Oh, yeah …) They feel unsafe, so they’re wearing safety pins on their lapels as a sign of protest. If they had been properly raised using washable/recyclables instead of throwaway clothing, they would know that they’re wearing those safety pins in the wrong place.