Consequences of Overreach

I’ve been writing about the Democrats precarious situation caused by their underperformance in the 2020 elections. While they have nominal majorities in both houses of Congress, they don’t have a working majority because of the differing goals of various party factions. However, the inanely progressive wing has dug in their heels, overreaching, demanding more than the saner members of the party know is possible. Senators such as Manchin and Sinema understand they have to win elections in order to stay in office, and aren’t about to support legislation that will alienate their constituents. Nothing is getting done. Their agenda appears DOA. And lots of voters who lean Democrat are losing patience.

So we’re seeing an interesting struggle within the Inner Party, a struggle I suspect will lead the Democrats to disaster. Daniel Roman has a post over at AMAC about the Democrats disarray leading them to that disaster. He closes with these words—

… the real problem with this progressive clique of largely white, privileged, young college grads is not their views on specific policies, but their inability to listen or interact with anyone who is not part of their ideological in-group. That is on full display with the disputes that are currently tearing the Democratic Party apart, the left’s treatment of Sinema and Manchin, and the likely failure of Biden’s domestic agenda.

Read the whole thing.

The next year-and-a-half will be ugly.

Weren’t We Supposed To Be Turning Things Over To The Experts?

I’m so old, I remember when the Xiden campaign was telling us that Joe would bring the competent adults back to the government to work for him. Putting Mayor Pete, who has no experience managing transportation networks, in charge of the Department of Transportation is another broken promise.

The oceans are full of container ships bound for America with no port facilities capable of receiving them. The FAA and some airlines suddenly have staffing issues. But the DoT has a newly-released Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan.

Meanwhile, you may want to do your Christmas shopping while there’s still stuff in inventory.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the Kimberlin not-for-profits was originally called Velvet Revolution US, but he changed its name in 2017 to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. EMPR appears to stand for EuroMaidan PR which operates an English-language Ukrainian “news” site at empr dot media. The IRS has terminated the entities 501(c)4 tax exemption, and the corporation is not in good standing with the State of Maryland.

The TKPOTD from a year ago today showed how Brett Kimberlin was using EMPR to “protect” the 2020 election.

* * * * *

Well, it looks as if Team Kimberlin has figured which one their active websites has the best following. The global popularity ratings of the English language Ukrainian news site empr dot media and itstime2020 dot org are 6,164,010 and 14,338,928 respectively. Yesterday evening, this opinion piece appeared on the EuroMaidan PR website.

I’m not making this up, you know.

Russia has a long history of using assassination to effect its geopolitical goals, especially around elections. Although there have been no specific public threats by Russia to assassinate any American, including Mr. Biden, security officials in the United States would be foolish and naïve not to consider this very real possibility based on Russia’s recent use of poisons and assassinations. Indeed, members of the Russian Duma and commentators on Kremlin state media outlets have stated recently that the only way Donald Trump can win is if something happens to Joe Biden.

The piece engages in speculation that the Russians might try to assassinate Biden as a way of insuring that Trump wins the election, implying that could be a reason for Biden’s Secret Service detail to be keeping him in the basement.

This may be the most outlandish of all of Kimberlin’s false narratives.

* * * * *

Even the Congressional Democrats had moved on from the Russia Collusion Hoax by then.

An Interesting Polling Factoid

I’ve been looking at various polls, and if they are accurate, it seems that more people have a favorable opinion of Joe Xiden (e.g., 40 % approval in Rasmussen) than believe the country is headed in the right direction (e.g., 32 % in Rasmussen).

Does this mean that as significant number of Xiden’s supports approve of his leading the country in the wrong direction?


Politiholics Anonymous

My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has a post up about The Power of Political Tribalism. Go read his post and my comment on it. Then, come back here. I’ll wait.

Otto von Bismarck famously described politics as the art of the possible. Compromise with people who don’t share your beliefs and goals is involved. Jerks like the subject of Stacy’s post have allowed their partisanship-driven passion to run amok. Because he can’t control his neighbors’ beliefs, he has become powerless over politics (his and theirs), and his life has become unmanageable.

The Gentle Reader may have noticed that I describe myself as a Recovering Democrat. While Maryland’s voting laws have led me to register as a Republican so I can vote in the primary elections of the party most closely aligned with my ideals, I occasionally vote for independents or candidates from other parties. Why? I do so because alliances or compromises are necessary sometimes to get a better deals when the best deals are off the table. Meanwhile, I’ll try to convince you that my point of view is correct, and I’ll poke fun at the other side’s folly, but I’ll try to keep things civil.

Perhaps being arrested for stalking will cause the subject of Stacy’s post to hit bottom and allow a Power greater than himself to restore his sanity.

But That Was Four or Five … uh … Years Ago

As of 9 am ET this morning, this could still be found on TwitterAnd in other news, the New York Times has reported that Special Prosecutor John Durham is considering an indictment for lying to the FBI against one of the lawyers involved in spinning the false tale about the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.

BTW, Jake Sullivan is the current White House Chief of Staff.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

KTLA reports that Republican’s in LA are having trouble voting in the California recall election. When they show up at the polls, they’re told they’ve already voted.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said she was far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.

In addition to friends of hers who experienced the issue and two other women outside the polling place, Bender said that inside, “the man next to me was arguing the same thing.”

Bender said she filled out a provisional ballot and “left really angry.”

Bender added that, to her knowledge, many of those affected by this issue are self-identified Republicans, and she’s suspicious.

“I’d still like to know how I voted,” Bender said.

Of course, many Republicans who never voted for a Democrat while alive …

Quote of the Day

It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and an usurper soon found. The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin.

—James Monroe


The Xiden administration announced today that it will sue Texas over the SB8 abortion law, and His Fraudulency himself announce a package of patently illegal and unconstitutional Wuhan-Virus-related mandates and rules to promulgated.

This evening multiple state governors have announced their intentions to sue the federal government to protect their states’ citizens from Joe Xiden’s lawlessness.

UPDATE—The list as of 9 pm ET:
South Dakota
South Carolina

UPDATE 2—More States:
North Dakota

West Virginia

It Isn’t Exactly An Abuse of Authority

Most of the Wuhan Virus mandates announced today by Joe Xiden are being denounced as abuses of authority. However, one cannot abuse authority one does not have.

Usurping authority one does not have is arrogance.

Xiden has set himself—and the country—up for another failure.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I spent some time yesterday evening nosing around in the older posts at the Kimberlin-related English-language Ukrainian news site empr dot media.* When I did a search on the term “Vindman,” I got a null response.

That seemed odd. Alexander Vindman was a born and Ukraine and was a key individual in one of the biggest international news stories of 2020, a story that involved the Presidents of both the U.S. and Ukraine. You’d think his name would have come up in the site’s coverage of the story. Vindman’s name is missing because any mention of the second Trump impeachment is missing.

I also couldn’t find any mention of Hunter Biden.

But there are several puff pieces about Joe Biden, including a post promoting a song called Dancing Hearts which celebrates the election of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. The singer is Kelsie Kimberlin.


* The Dread Deadbeat Protector/Publisher Kimberlin change the legal name of his Velvet Revolution US not-for-profit to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. in 2017. The IRS has since revoked the organization’s tax empt status, and it is no longer in good standing with the State of Maryland.

Quote of the Day

We must understand something very thoroughly. If society — if the state gives the rights, it can take them away — they’re not inalienable. If the states give the rights, they can change them and manipulate them. But this was not the view of the founding fathers of this country. They believed, although not all of them were individual Christians, that there was a Creator and that this Creator gave the inalienable rights — this upon which our country was founded and which has given us the freedoms which we still have — even the freedoms which are being used now to destroy the freedoms.

—Francis Schaeffer

Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

I wish I were wrong, but I’m not.

I understand the frustration of the actual warriors feel because of the incompetence of the the generals and admirals who are supposed to be leading them. I turned down a promotion to major and left the Army Reserve rather than continue to serve under Carter’s Pentagon crowd.

I foresee that Carter’s second term was much too optimistic an expectation for the Xiden Administration. Let’s pray that we can still avoid the likes of Buchanan’s second term.

Not Just Clueless But Lawless Too

The Supreme Court has denied a request for a stay pending appeal of the injunction requiring the Xiden Administration to reimplement the remain-in-Mexico requirement for asylum seekers entering the country at the southern border. A U.S. District Court found that the Xiden Administration broke law in promulgating its preferred policy. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s finding.

Non-Stranded Non-Hostages

White House press flack Jen Psaki has admitted that it is likely that there will be American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan after 31 August. Indeed, given the current progress in the evacuations, there will probably be thousands of Americans who want out and who can’t get out by 1 September.

There were only 52 American hostages trapped in Tehran in 1979/80.

You know that thing about Carter’s second term being the best case scenario. It was clearly too optimistic.