More Left Wing Shutuppery

The Modern Language Association has filed copyright complaints against Legal Insurrection which caused YouTube to take down LI’s YouTube channel. Apparently, someone didn’t like Legal Insurrection’s news coverage of anti-Israel talks at an MLA meeting.

I haven’t taken the MLA seriously since I first encountered their silly footnote and reference system.

I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Bearing Arms reports that Iowa sheriff Mike Johnstone, who opposed allowing “shall issue” gun permits in that state, has shot himself while trying to clean his Glock.

Johnstone removed the magazine from his pistol but failed to do a chamber check before squeezing the trigger as part of the Glock design’s standard takedown process.

While allowing citizens to carry firearms in public has not resulted in “blood in the streets,” carelessness by “highly-trained professionals” … oh, never mind.

Castro, SJWs, and More Cowbell

Andrew Cline has a post over at NRO that reviews how Castro’s Cuba was a worked example of the kind of utopia Social Justice Warriors want.

For many romantic leftists, socialism is a glorious utopia that one day will magically separate itself from the strong men who somehow always manage to clamber to the top of the People’s Ladder. If only the enlightened thinkers on the Harvard Bookstore’s e-mail list could be put in charge!

Others are not so naïve. They understand that socialism is systematic oppression — but they see this as a feature, not a bug. To them, as it was for Castro, who wandered his way to Marxism, socialism offers a system in which the social and political orders are overturned and the leftists at long last can be on top. With the levers of power finally in their grasp, the redistribution — and the retribution — can begin.

Read the whole thing and find out how cowbells fit in.