Fake But Inaccurate

Certain portions of the Main Stream Media are spun up over the non-existent proposal for a “Muslim registry.” This has to do with the suggestion that the Trump administration might reinstate something along the lines of the Bush-era requirement for adult male visitors from countries such as Saudi Arabia and North Korea to be interviewed and fingerprinted. (Muslim registry? I’ve met muslims from all around the world but never from North Korea.)

In a piece over at the NY Post site Rich Lowry notes that

That the so-called Muslim registry is now a thing, a subject of high dudgeon and hot debate, is testament to how the same media that complains about “fake news” is committed to manufacturing and driving its own narratives only loosely connected to reality.

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They’re Doing It Wrong

safetypinSome folks are unhappy with the result of the election. (I am, but that’s because I didn’t support any of the candidates, and one of them won anyway. Where was I? Oh, yeah …) They feel unsafe, so they’re wearing safety pins on their lapels as a sign of protest. If they had been properly raised using washable/recyclables instead of throwaway clothing, they would know that they’re wearing those safety pins in the wrong place.

A Civil War for the Democrats?

popcorn4bkWasn’t the Republican Party’s civil war supposed to have stated last Wednesday. But now, The Hill has a post up with this headline: Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party.

The first fight over the party’s future will play out in the race for DNC chairman.

Sanders has endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) – a Muslim and a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – to be the new DNC chief.

For many liberals, nothing less than a wholesale gutting of that institution will do.

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A Fortune 500 Freakout

Scott Johnson has a post over at PowerLine about what seems to be a Trump-induced freakout at General Mills. Here’s the text of the email for a General Mills VP of “Global Inclusion & Staffing” (I didn’t make that title up.) quoted in the post—

In the spirit of Courageous Conversations, I wanted to acknowledge that this week has been an emotional one for many in our GMI family.

The divisiveness of our election has left us with many questions and no easy answers. I’ve come to appreciate that sometimes it just helps to get together with our GMI community and share what’s on our minds.

I’m hoping you’ll accept this invitation to join me in the cafeteria tomorrow at The Exchange to simply connect and engage. No agenda, no discussion topics – just fellowship.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Ken Charles | General Mills, Inc.

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I guess this means Donald Trump won’t be appearing on a box of Wheaties.