A Genuine Person

Back in the early ’70’s, I was working in the music industry in Nashville. One of places I worked was small studio that a musician had set up in his garage. It was equipped with hand-me-down gear retired from other studios. The console was a pastiche of vacuum tube and early transistor modules in a rather tall wood enclosure. I sounded great, but I could just barely see over it when sitting down.

As I was setting up for a demo session one evening (A demo is a simple recording of a song used to pitch it to singers for them to record.), the songwriter walked into the control room. She wasn’t very tall, and seated at the console, all I could see of her was that she was a cute brunette with a short haircut. It wasn’t until she came around the console and stood next to me that I realized she was Dolly Parton.

I very much enjoyed that session. In an industry where too many stars and wannabe stars are legends in their own minds, Dolly Parton was a nice person, a pleasure to work with. And sensible.

I was reminded of her good sense when I read a post by Suzanne Venker titled Of Course Dolly’s Not a Feminist. She Loves Men. (The periods are in the title.). The post is based on an NPR podcast called Dolly Parton’s America, and the apparent inability of the podcast’s host to understand why Dolly Parton isn’t a feminist.

In Dolly Parton’s America, Parton proves in spades that there’s a much more positive and compassionate attitude to have toward men, women and relationships. But if you want to adopt it, you can’t simultaneously pay homage to a group that assumes the worst of half the population. And you can’t take life so seriously.

But you can work hard and use your talent. And be a pleasure to work with.

“Those People”

“Those people don’t matter,” said Jane Fonda. She was discussing folks who criticize her Fire Drill Friday protests of climate change that she’s organizing in Washington, DC. She says she plans to get arrested every Friday until the world recognizes her relevance and ,,, and … and … um … Well, until we do something to fix climate change.


The only positive thing I can say about her Fire Drill from last Friday is that the pictures posted on Twitter seem to indicate that she dressed in sensibly warm clothes on that chilly day.But of course, the problem is now climate change rather than global warming. I suppose we’re in for an interesting next 12 years.

UPDATE—I’m not sure of the percentage fossil fuels played in providing the energy for my microwave oven while I was popping this batch of popcorn I had for breakfast.

That Was Then, This Is Now

Campus Reform reports that Troy Storfjell, a professor from Pacific Christian University, has stated that he “he has no problem if a ‘fascist’ gets ‘beaten up’ by Antifa.” He was referring to reporter Andy Ngo who has been assaulted by Antifa. Prof. Storffjelll appears to be confused about who was wearing a fascist black shirt and was rioting.

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was unavailable for comment.

Democracy Dies in Derpness™

The headline editor at WaPo did not have a good day yesterday. Most of the Gentle Readers will have heard about the changing of “terrorist” to “austere religious scholar” which resulted in the #WashPostObituaries and #WashingtonPostObits hashtags on Twitter. I thought about joining in, but I decided to take a Sunday afternoon nap instead. If I had played, the tweets probably would been like these—

John Wilkes Booth, noted interpreter of Shakespeare, dies at 26.

Richard Plantagenet, doting uncle, tragically slain at 32.

Al Capone, retired Chicago businessman, suffers fatal heart attack at 48.

Another Misbehaving Congresscritter

My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has been writing (here and here) about Rep. Katie Hill and her current difficulty handling the PR fallout from matters related to her husband’s filing for divorce. I’ve stayed away from the story because I didn’t have anything to add to coverage.

However, I will make these observations:

Rep. Hill is not the only female Democrat involved in a campaign/office related divorce.

We were told by our betters that women would be different.

Whether one believes that we are an evolved species or a specially created one, long-term monogamous sexual partnerships really do seem to be the best way to structure our lives.