On Cats

The Hoge household has had a dog from time to time, but we have rarely been without a cat. Last year, we had to put down Bob who had been the family mouser since the turn of the century, so we were catless for a few months. Our new kitten is sitting in my lap purring as I type this. She was adopted from the local Humane Society shelter. All of our cats have been rescues or hand-me-downs from friends who were moving.

The cat just hopped down and brought me one her toys. I think she wants to play fetch, something she seems to enjoy almost as much as chasing Spot, the elusive critter that lives in my laser pointer.

I gotta go.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Looking over some of the Cabin Boy’s™ recent spewings on Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread and his other wastes of bandwidth, it appears that one of the burrs under his saddle is my ignoring of his offer to make his Rolodex of NIH contacts available for helping Mrs. Hoge’s find medical care when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can only shake my head at his silliness.

First, Mrs. Hoge was receiving very excellent care from a team of physicians and other medical professionals associated with the University of Maryland Medical Center and Carroll Hospital Center. Moreover, she was also receiving care and support from the medical professionals in our extended families, including two pathologists (one a breast cancer survivor herself) and an oncologist.

Second, Schmalfeldt had sent me a no-contact order. If I had contacted him, I would have opened myself up to a possible peace order, and given the Cabin Boy’s record of untrustworthy behavior, I chose not to take that risk.

Bill Schmalfeldt knows lots of things that simply aren’t so. He will continue to rant about them for a while longer and to make a bigger fool of himself.

For a while.

A Nice Birthday Present

The photographer who took the portrait of Mrs. Hoge that I included in her online obituary is a family friend that we met through Connie’s beekeeping. Every year, Connie would hostess a New Year’s Eve open house as a birthday party for me, and the photographer would give me one of his nature photographs as a birthday present. I didn’t have the open house this year, but the photographer and his wife stopped by to visit and give me another nature picture.

The photographer also served on the Forestry Board with Connie. Every year, the Forestry Board tries to determine the champion trees in the county, the largest specimen of each important species. Back in 2008, it turned out that one of the champion trees was hollow, and he took this picture of Connie inside the tree.bigtree

I’m Back at Goddard

The contracting task I was working on last year was over at the end of August. I had some time off coming, and I took it. And then I decided to retire. (I was about to turn 68.) A colleague who runs a small consulting firm with contracts at Goddard has asked me to join his firm, and I’ve said, “Yes.” I’m starting this morning with the job title of Chief Engineer.