Light My Fire

John Hinderaker has a piece over at PowerLine about the Doors’ Light My Fire which was released 50 years ago. He includes a link to

the seven-minute version of “Light My Fire” the way the band wanted it played, with keyboard and guitar solos intact. I heard it this way countless times after the 2:45 radio version had faded from the scene …

I fondly remember the album version. I was working as a DJ that summer, and it was one of the few songs that I could get away with playing that was longer than three minutes. It was long enough to allow me to leave the control room, go down the hall to the men’s room, and make it back in time to play the next commercial or next song.

And then Alice’s Restaurant was released …

Oooo, Lightning Bugs!

We have a new cat in our household. My son Will picked her out at the local shelter. She’s acted as if she wants to be an indoor cat and has only rarely gone outside. At dusk this evening, she went out when I opened the front door to do an errand in the yard. She had only been out during the day before.

She soon discovered fireflies, and even managed to catch a few, but didn’t seemed to like the taste.

Fun With Gunpowder

Yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from my good friend and occasional co-defendant Stacy McCain. He invited me out to an undisclosed location for a fireworks display that he was putting together. It turned out to be an impressive show, in large part because of Stacy’s expertise in the use of timed fusing to program the fireworks.Here are a few photos from the display—

A good time was had by all, and no Tovex was used in any of the fireworks.

UPDATE—Be sure to scroll down through the comment section for the video.

UPDATE 2—Videos.

Programming Note

Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign won’t be presented this evening because I’m too busy driving to put together an episode. The descendants of John and Mary Hoge, my great-great-great-grandparents, have a family reunion on the fourth Sunday in May at the Ebenezer Cumberland Presbyterian Church near Jasper, Tennessee. (The land for the church was donated in the 1830s by my great-great-great-parents. This year I was the oldest Hoge in attendance.) Today, I’ve been driving back to Maryland.

Tune it next week. I’ve been assured that intriguing things are afoot.

On Cats

The Hoge household has had a dog from time to time, but we have rarely been without a cat. Last year, we had to put down Bob who had been the family mouser since the turn of the century, so we were catless for a few months. Our new kitten is sitting in my lap purring as I type this. She was adopted from the local Humane Society shelter. All of our cats have been rescues or hand-me-downs from friends who were moving.

The cat just hopped down and brought me one her toys. I think she wants to play fetch, something she seems to enjoy almost as much as chasing Spot, the elusive critter that lives in my laser pointer.

I gotta go.