A Story About Mrs. Hoge

Here’s a wonderful story that was shared at this morning’s ceremony honoring Mrs. Hoge. It was told by the DNR Project Forester assigned to Carroll County.

She stopped by a local art supply store to pick up a large pink bow for the sycamore tree being planted in Connie’s memory. When she mentioned to the clerk at the store what it was for, the clerk told her that she had known Connie as a customer but had first met Connie when she interviewed her daughter when the young girl was a high school student seeking a spot at the Natural Resources Career Camp in 2006. The clerk said that interview changed her daughter’s life and career goals and that the young woman is now working in a resource management job in Wyoming. She also said that her daughter had met another student at the Natural Resources Career Camp eleven years ago—and that she and he are now engaged to be married.

I smiled.

Arbor Day and Mrs. Hoge

Today is Arbor Day, and the Carroll County Forestry Board will be having a ceremony in a local park honoring Mrs. Hoge and her service to that organization, the State Forestry Board Foundation, and the Governor’s Sustainable Forestry Commission.  My son and I will be attending.

Blogging may be slight today.


When Mrs. Hoge and I bought our first house in Nashville, we moved in during the late summer. The next spring, I was pleased to see crocus popping up in the yard. After we moved to California, we had roses blooming for 11 months each year, but no crocus.

When we moved to Maryland and bought stately Hoge Manor, Mrs. Hoge planted some crocus bulbs for me as a surprise. I’ve enjoyed seeing them every spring. The first two crocus of 2017 came up today.firstcrocus2017Thanks, Connie.