Wireless Mice

There are a lot of computers here at Stately Hoge Manor dedicated to various purposes—CAD systems, music recording, amateur radio, software development, gaming, and more. Most of them have a wireless mouse associated with them, so it’s become as standard practice to give each wireless mouse a unique name. Around here the list of mouse names includes:


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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Five years ago today, I did a post Brett Kimberlin and Vitamin A Deficiency about Brett Kimberlin’s involvement with the anti-GMO crowd. He has a website called citizensagainstgmo dot com which hasn’t been maintained for years. In 2014, that site was hosted on the same server as 24 other Kimberlin-related sites.

* * * * *

There are 25 sites currently hosted at

1. americancrossroadswatch.org
2. breitbartunmasked.com
3. breitbitnews.com
4. campaignaccountabilitywatch.org
5. citizensagainstgmo.com
6. exposedpolitics.com
7. groundswellexposed.com
8. huntonandwilliamswatch.org
9. indictbreitbart.org
10. issaoversight.org
11. jtmp.org
12. kochwatch.org
13. mccutcheonwatch.org
14. nrawatch.org
15. occupyforaccountability.org
16. op-critical.com
17. pressswarm.org
18. prosecutenewscorp.com
19. protectourelections.org
20. pussyriotdefensefund.org
21. serveroverlords.com
22. smartechwatch.org
23. soshanyuanhost.net
24. velvetrevolution.us
25. whoistedcruz.com

* * * * *

AKAIK, there aren’t any more Kimberlin-related sites at that IP address. Some of them have metastasized elsewhere. Some are gone for good.

These sites are now hosted at—

1. americancrossroadswatch
2. campaignaccountabilitywatch.org
3. citizensagainstgmo.com
4. huntonandwilliamswatch.org
5. occupyforaccountability.org
6. op-critical.com
7. velvetrevolution.us

These sites are now hosted at—

1. indictbreitbart.org
2.  jtmp.org
3. kochwatch.org
4. protectourelections.org

These sites are now hosted on generic GoDaddy servers—

1. exposedpolitics.com
2. issaoversight.org

This site is now hosted at—


This site is now hosted at—


These domains are registered but don’t have active websites—

1. nrawatch.org
2. prosecutenewscorp.com

These domains are gone—

1. breitbitnews.com
2. groundswellexposed.com
3. pressswarm.org
4. pussyriotdefensefund.org
5. serveroverlords.com
6. smartechwatch.org
7. soshanyuanhost.net
8. whoistedcruz.com

The Gentle Reader may wonder why one would bother to gather such information. Suffice it to say that webhosting isn’t free, and one can learn things by following the money.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This is the webpage for a domain called treasonisttrump dot com. It was registered on 4 June, 2018, and is hosted on the same server as jump dot org, protectorelections dot org, and several other Kimberlin-related web sites.That’s the whole website so far. I guess The Dread Deadbeat Protector Kimberlin was too busy protecting elections and doing other important stuff to even put a working DONATE button on the site. However, neglecting this site was a mistake. As of last night, treasonisttrump dot org ranked 6,972,797 on the Internet and protectourelections dot org ranked 9,456,252.