Help a Move Back to the Private Sector

I received an email from Stephen Michael Kellat, a regular reader/commenter, who has been working as a civil servant and who wants to restart his career in the private sector. He’s seeking help raising the funds to set up an office and for equipment. You can read about it here. That post contains a link to his crowd funding account at IndieGoGo. I clicked on that link and made a donation.

The Internet of Insecure Things

Here’s why I have no interest in an Internet-connected refrigerator, washing machine, or thermostat for my house.

But as home computing migrates away from the laptop, the tablet and the smartphone, experts warn that the security features on the coming wave of automobiles, dishwashers and alarm systems lag far behind.

Read the whole thing and consider what it would be like if the SJWs had access to such a distributed system to monitor your microaggressions.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I was going to do a post about the increasingly weak web presence of the various Kimberlin-related websites, but all day yesterday, I kept getting this when I tried to check on breitbartunmasked dot com—BUdownI got this when I tried to view jtmp dot org—JTMPdownA bit of snooping turned up the fact that the server was either down or disconnected. The connection was good into the server farm, but failed at the IP address of the hardware that hosts the websites.

Did anyone else notice?

I didn’t think so.