Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

During the summer of 2013, I began writing about a website hosted on the same off-shore server as many of the Kimberlin-related website called globalyharma dot biz. It offered to sell prescription drugs to online customer without a prescription.

After the court battle relating to the Kimberlins’ marital difficulties and during the time that The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin was drafting his first LOLsuit against a group of blogger which include me, the Kimberlin-related websites were taken down for a short while and reconfigured. globalyharma dot biz was taken down and retweaked at the same time. This was the TKPOTD for five years ago today.

* * * * *

globalpharma dot biz is hosted on the same Dutch server as a group of Kimberlin-related sites. It’s name server is unmaskedhosting dot com, the same name server as those sites. For a brief time on 17 August, the globalpharma dot biz URL forwarded connections to breitbartunmasked dot com. The Gentle Reader should not be surprised to find that I suspect there might be a connection between globalpharma dot biz and one or more members of Team Kimberlin.

When I first began monitoring globalpharma dot biz, one of the drugs they were peddling was “Viagra.” Genuine Viagra goes for about nine bucks a dose according to my friend who is a pharmacist. The street price for “Viagra” is about a dollar a pill which was the price quoted by globalpharma back in July. At no time was I asked to provide a prescription from a physician. Viagra is prescription drug.

It looks like they’ve run out of “Viagra.” As you can see, “Erectile Dysfunction” has been dropped from the product menu.


The Arizona telephone number and notice of free shipping via USPS on the site indicate that the operation has a physical presence in the United States. According to the Arizona Board of Pharmacy, a company called “Global Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies” held a permit as a wholesaler in the state from 3 March to 31 October in 2010, but that permit is now void. That was the only hit from their database for “global pharma.”


* * * * *

Yes. Hmmmmm.

A Retro Form of Progressivism

Monica Showalter has a post over at American Thinker taking note of San Francisco’s attempt to get its … let me rephrase this … achieve better fecal cohesion—literally—by assigning five public works employees to a poop patrol. Armed with steam cleaners, these brave public servants will attempt to bring the city’s level of street sanitation up to the standard enjoyed a hundred years ago.

At the beginning of the 20th century, several trainloads of dung had to be removed from the streets of New York every day. By 1918, the number of horse-drawn vehicles in American cities had dropped to the point that dung in the streets had been greatly reduced. Indoor plumbing had eliminated chamberpot residue from the sidewalks, and our cities were becoming much healthier places. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the streets in many cities have become more filthy.

It’s not surprising, given that San Francisco just lost $40 million in convention revenue, after a major medical association, repelled by the unsanitary condition of the city’s excrement-covered streets, decided to hold its annual convention someplace else. The medical association had held annual convention in San Francisco for years up until then.

I suppose we can give them credit for not denying there is a problem, given the global exposure this gross problem has gotten. Most socialists deny there are ever any problems, other than Republicans, but money seems to have gotten their attention.

But the solution proposed is pretty much a Band-aid on a butt problem. It’s unlikely that five employees, armed with steam cleaners, is really going to be able to make a long-term difference given the reasons it’s happening.

Throwing money and public employment jobs at San Francisco’s problem will probably only make it worse. The root cause is the city’s huge homeless population that has swollen as a result of its Progressive government throwing money and public employment jobs at the city’s problems caused by its huge homeless population. Their problems won’t go away until the homeless population goes away, and that won’t occur until the city spends less money and effort on incentivizing homelessness.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, but you may need to hold your breath walking through parts of town.

A Bit of Fact Checking

She Guevara (aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) was on CNN claiming that Medicare for all would be less expensive that our current healthcare because “incorporating the costs of all the funeral expenses of those who die because they can’t afford access to health care. That is part of the cost of our system.”

Speaking from my family’s experience, the cost of a funeral is generally a bargain compared to the cost of a few months of medical expenses for an elderly person, and downright cheap compared to the cost of a few months of cancer.

When the retirement age for Social Security was set at 65 back in the ’30s, that was slightly longer than average life expectancy. Increasing life expectancy has broken that system. I had to wait until I was 66 to collect a full-size Social Security check. If the system were now rigged as it originally was, I should be waiting to collect until I’m almost 80.

Putting us old folks on Medicare increases costs. Burying us would save money. Putting everyone on Medicare … if you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait till it’s “free.”

Math is hard.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The members of Team Kimberlin are liars, and as much practice as they’ve had, you’d expect that they’d be better at lying. OTOH, it may that they tell so many that they lose track so that their contradictions are what result in their being caught so easily and so often. Five years ago today, we took a look at Another Whopper from #BillSchmalfeldt.

* * * * *

A reader sent me a link to an image posted on Twitter by Sore Loserman Bill. In it he writes,

I have never used Parkinson’s as a shield against anything.


Then what are these words doing in his Motion to Modify Peace Order? It’s filed pro se, so he’s told the court that these are his own words—

10. The Peace Order violates the Americans With Disabilities Act by discriminating against Respondent, an American with advanced Parkinson’s disease, by limiting his employment and his ability to engage in therapeutic employment and activities. Respondent has a right under the Act to freely engage in his employment activities. In fact, the law requires the Government to “accommodate” his disability. However, the Peace Order does just the opposite by restricting and limiting Respondent’s ability to work, earn a living, and engage in an activity that helps slow the progression of Parkinson’s.

Since the Motion is still before the court, I have no comment on the merits or lack thereof of this claim. However, the Gentle Reader is free to conclude whether or not the Cabin Boy has ever used or attempted to use Parkinson’s as a shield for his activities.

* * * * *

The Maryland Court of Appeals refused to hear the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s appeal and let the Circuit Court’s granting of the peace order stand. Of course, the Cabin Boy™ was suffering from some advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease five years ago, and the stress of my seeking to have him required to leave me alone was hastening the progression of his illness. He was wheelchair bound and unable to speak well enough to be interviewed via telephone. Or so he claimed. And there was no possibility of improvement. Or so he claimed.

Lying liars gotta lie.

Coffee is Good for You

That’s a finding of research done at the USC School of Medicine.

Drinking coffee was associated with a lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory and kidney disease for African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites.

People who consumed a cup of coffee a day were 12 percent less likely to die compared to those who didn’t drink coffee. This association was even stronger for those who drank two to three cups a day — 18 percent reduced chance of death.

Time for my second cup of Blue Mountain.

Mmmmm … settled science.