The Best Summary So Far

Matt Taibbi has a post up at Racket News about his experience testifying before a congressional committee on Thursday.

Then the hearing began, and an episode of Black Adder: Congress broke out.

I’m sure the Democrats believed they had a cunning and subtle plan.

Disinformation Lawfare

Former Central Scrutinizer Nina Jankowicz wants to sue Fox News for their reporting on her and her activities.She says she’s raising money to support a lawsuit against Fox, but if her case were as open and shut as she implies, there should be a line of law firms (and not just left wing firms) willing to represent her on a fee contingent (we get paid if we win) basis.


UPDATE—Different professions have different ways of categorizing the kind of claims that Ms. Jankowicz makes in her video. I’m an engineer. The term of art we use for presentations such as hers is “bullshit.”

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The TKPOTD for nine years ago today was an exercise in pointage, laughery, and mockification directed at Brett Kimberlin as both The Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin and The Deadbeat Performer Kimberlin.

* * * * *

And the hits just keep on comin’ for the Pro Se Weekend Special …

There’s somethin’ happenin’ here.
What it is ain’t exactly clear.
There’s a man with a blog over there
A’tellin’ me I got to beware.

I think it’s time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.

There’re battle lines being drawn.
I’m right, and they’re all wrong.
Evil bloggers speakin’ their minds,
A’causin’ so much resistance for my kind.

Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.

What a field day for a creep!
(Hmm, hmm, hmm)
I can pile the suits real deep.
(Hmm, hmm, hmm)
Filing writs and motions and pleas,
(Hmm, hmm, hmm)
Bringing bloggers right to their knees.
(Hmm, hmm, hmm)

Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.

Paranoia strikes deep.
Into you life it will creep.
It starts when you’re always afraid.
Step out of line, parole officers come and take you away.

Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.
Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.
Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.

Time to file pro se—I’m no clown.
Everybody look what’s goin’ down.

(I can hardly wait for Op-Critical’s cover version.)

* * * * *

Pro-Se and Performer—it’s hard to say which was the greater failure.

Oh, one more thing … neither of my Springfields was not used on any buffaloes in the creation of that parody.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare campaign has been a failed attempt to use the courts to suppress the First Amendment rights of the those of us who have written about his past and present activities. In fact, this blog took no notice of him until his attacks on blogger Aaron Walker. Ten years ago today, I took a look at how Kimberlin’s lawfare was going with this post titled Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Reputation Management.

* * * * *

So what’s the result of a year of TDPK’s brass knuckles reputation management via lawfare? When one googles him, this is the result.dpk20130121

He’s “best known as the perpetrator of the Speedway bombings in 1978.”

The truth is still out there.

* * * * *

And now, the Supreme Court has denied Kimberlin’s petition seeking to set aside his bombing conviction.

The truth is still out there.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

After I wound up as a defendant in several First Amendment lawsuits, I began doing volunteer paralegal work supporting other bloggers defending their free speech rights. A large part of that work has been proofreading court papers. The TKPOTD for eight years ago today included some proofreading I offered to The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin.

* * * * *

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin clearly needed some editorial help with his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 231-21#FixedItForYou

* * * * *

I’m not done with him yet.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Nobody’s perfect. I make mistakes, but when verifiable errors published at Hogewash! are pointed out to me, it’s my policy to post a correction. A Correction in Re #BrettKimberlin appeared ten years ago today.

* * * * *

It is my firm policy to publish corrections here at Hogewash! as soon as errors are verified. Because I had an incorrect date of birth for Brett Kimberlin, I was unable to verify that he is a registered voter. Subsequently, he included his date of birth in a public document that I have downloaded, and I was able to check his voter registration. Brett Kimberlin is registered to vote at his home address in Maryland.

I regret my earlier error.

* * * * *

FWIW, I’ve never seen a correction or withdrawal of any of the defamatory statements posted about me on breitbartumasked dot com or any other Kimberlin-related website.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the purposes of Team Kimberlin’s campaign of pro se lawfare clearly was to use discovery in civil suits to try to dig up dirt on their enemies. Brett Kimberlin handed off sealed discovery from the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case to associates who published it at Breitbart Unmasked. He leaked some of the sealed discovery from the RICO Remnant LOLsuit in filings in the Maryland Hoge v. Walker, et al. case, but he was unable to get Judge Hazel to lift the protective order in the federal case. The TKPOTD for five years ago today dealt with Kimberlin’s failure to get the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to relax the RICO Remnant protective order.

* * * * *

I’m not making this up, you know.

After spending years trying to use the courts to suppress the First Amendment rights of people who have written truthful things about him, Brett Kimberlin included this sentence in his failed motion to unseal his informal opening brief in his appeal of the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit—

Appellant has a right under the First Amendment to appeal in public.

No. He doesn’t. His right to a public trial and, by extension, a public appeal is not secured under the First Amendment. IANAL, but the last time I checked the Bill of Rights, due process rights are secured by the Fifth Amendment.

Patrick Frey’s due process rights are also protected by the Fifth Amendment. His lawyers were able to convince a federal judge that certain information given to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin during discovery in the RICO Remnant LOLsuit should have been sealed in order to protect Frey’s rights (and possibly the rights of third parties). TDPK repeatedly asked the District Court to unseal that information, and he was never able to provide a reason why Patterico’s rights should not have been protected.

TDPK’s motion to unseal is timestamped as being received by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals at 10:06 Monday morning. The order denying his motion was docketed at 12:01:59 Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t take the court long to see through his frivolous argument.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

* * * * *

Kimberlin’s whole lawfare schtick came about as an attempt to shutdown a left-wing blogger who thought that having Kimberlin and his not-for-profits associated with Progressives was bad for that side’s brand identify.

Taking on the blogosphere was biting off more than he could chew.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It’s not unusual to catch members of Team Kimberlin in lie. This Bonus Prevarication Du Jour is from eight years ago today.

* * * * *

This one isn’t from Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt. It’s from Brett Kimberlin himself. I found these words in an email he sent to a third-party. The email was forwarded to me this morning.

Mr. Hoge and his co-defendants seem to believe that they can try this case online. They believe that they win by causing the most harm [redacted].  They have been warned by numerous attorneys that their actions after the filing of the case will come back to haunt them when the case gets before the judge or jury, yet they obsessively post more and more defamatory statements that add proof of the allegations I have made.

For the umpteenth time, I don’t litigate online. I have made no substantive comments about the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit other than to acknowledge its existence, to note that I have filed an answer, and to state that I believe the case is without merit. I’ve joked that Kimberlin left “mopery with intent to lurk” off of his laundry list of torts. And I did offer to let him settle the case on the cheap for a payment to me of $1,000,000. That wasn’t a joke.

As far as I know, none of my codefendants have discussed the merits of the case per se online, but none of us have been shy in expressing our contempt for Brett Kimberlin. Team Kimberlin, OTOH, has been publishing all sorts of attack pieces, longer posts on Breitbart Unmasked or the Cabin Boy’s various sites and shorter jabs on Twitter, in support of Kimberlin’s suit.

The Gentle Reader may decide for himself who is attempting to try the case online.

Of course, the various lawyers involved in the case have counseled caution in what we defendants say about the matter outside of court. Duh. That’s why I haven’t made any substantive comments. However, not a single lawyer who has discussed the case with me expects the case to go to trial.

Since he hasn’t actually filed an amended complaint to add the act of defaming him by publishing a certified copy of a public document, oh, never mind …


* * * * *

It turns out that the only part of the initial legal advice I received that was mistaken was the expectation that the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case wouldn’t go to trial. It did, but the judge stopped it after Kimberlin rested his case and granted a directed verdict in the defendants favor because Kimberlin hadn’t presented a “scintilla” (the judge’s word) of evidence to support his case.

He really would have done better in the long run to accept my settlement offer.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Nine years ago today a post In Re Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. took note of an important event in that case, the first of the LOLsuits naming me as a codefendant.

* * * * *

Today, my lawyer filed my answer to Brett Kimberlin’s complaint in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. This takes my offer to settle off the table. I will have no additional comment on the matter until I have further discussions with my counsel.

* * * * *

My settlement offer consisted a allowing the case to be dropped without filing any counterclaims in exchange for a payment of one million dollars to me from Kimberlin. He’s lost all the case he’s brought against me, and by time I’m done with him a million bucks will seem like a bargain.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

While Brett Kimberlin complained of “false narratives” being published about he, both he and his team mates were telling outrageous and mind-bogglingly stupid lies. On the Street Where You Live first ran nine years ago today. It cataloged a bizarre set of lies spun by Bill Schmalfeldt.

* * * * *

Bill Schmalfeldt and I don’t live on the same street. The word on my street is very different from rumors circulating on his.ffr201309292102Z

Regardless of what the voices are telling him, I have no intention of asking the court to change the peace order issued against Schmalfeldt in any way—except possibly seeking a six month extension. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the hearing on 16 October. I take no joy in watching the Cabin Boy making a fool of himself.

Oh, and that bit about “unconstitutional means” is utter rubbish. We have in the U. S. Constitution a thing called the First Amendment. One of the rights secured therein is the right to petition the government for redress of grievance, and the sort of petition I filed seeking the peace order is one of the sorts of things covered by that clause. At least the Supreme Court thinks so [California Motor Transport Co. v. Trucking Unlimited, 404 U.S. 508 (1972)].

The right of access to the courts is indeed but one aspect of the right of petition.

The Cabin Boy really needs to stop getting his legal advice from Acme.

* * * * *

It’s been suggested that Schmalfeldt’s anonymous source dried up after a med check.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yes, Gentle Reader, I’ve really been writing about Brett Kimberlin and his associates and enablers for over a decade now. As this post from ten years ago today notes, Perhaps I Am A Fool.

* * * * *

It has been suggested to me that I am being foolish by continuing to follow up on what I am now calling the continuing saga of Dread Pirate Kimberlin. I admit that possibility.

OTOH, I view him and his clown posse as a menace and wish to see him and them brought to justice. To that end, I try to share some of the information that I have with the Gentle Readers of this blog. Here are some things I’d like you to know.

1. I can’t always publish everything I know. I get some information off-the-record. While that information helps me put things in perspective and develop other leads, I can’t use it directly. Gentle Reader, you can also assume that I am cooperating with various people and agencies with an interest in Team Kimberlin. Thus, some information may need to be delayed or kept confidential in order to prevent evasive action by the bad guys.

2. I don’t feed trolls. I have received troll tweets and blog comments. If you’re trolling, save your breath. I’ll block your comments here and ignore you on Twitter.

3. I’m often stubborn to the point of pigheadedness. So, Gentle Reader, you can expect that I’ll stick with it. Get some popcorn, settle back, and stay tuned.

Oh, one more thing … I used to refer to Brett Kimberlin as Lord Voldemort (He Who Must Not Be Named Under Penalty of Peace Order) and his followers as the Death Eater Wannbes. He and they got demoted in July when Judge Rupp denied the Peace Order being sought against Aaron Walker. The only thing Mr. Kimberlin really has in common with the Dark Lord is that they are both losers. I’m now calling him Dread Pirate Kimberlin in reference to his piracy-themed Bloggers Offense Team website. (No, I won’t link to it.) Brett Kimberlin deserves to be made a laughingstock. At the same time, I recognize that, though he is a coward, he can be a dangerous coward. I keep my eyes open.

* * * * *

OTOH, perhaps Brett Kimberlin was a fool for trying to taking on the blogosphere in general and me in particular.

After ten years, a couple of points in the post need updating.

First, while I don’t feed trolls, but I do laugh at them.

Second, when Kimberlin began defaulting on court order sanction payments, he was downgraded from The Dread Pirate Kimberlin to The Deadbeat Pirate Kimberlin.

I’m not through with him yet.

Disinformation Governance Board Sent Down the Memory Hole

(H/T, @ArronWorthing) The Washington Times is reporting that DHS Secretary Mayorkas has cancelled the charter of the Disinformation Governance Board based on a recommendation of his Homeland Security Advisory Council.

The report was led by Michael Chertoff, a former Homeland Security secretary in the Bush administration, and Jamie Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration. Suggesting the department might be straying too far from its mission, Mr. Chertoff said, “They don’t have a red pencil to correct everything in the world that’s not true.” That’s Oldspeak for “idea doubleplusungood rewrite fullwise.”

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the reasons for the chronic failure of Team Kimberlin’s lawfare has been that they have continuously acted as if the laws rules of civil and criminal procedure should be as they want them to be rather than as they are. OTOH, playing by the rules has enabled some successful pushback against The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin and his minions. This post from nine years ago today shows how playing by the rules in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt resulted in the first of a dozen restraining orders being issued against Schmalfeldt.

* * * * *

Since there seems to be some bogus information about the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt case circulating on the Interwebs, I thought I’d lay it out simply. Here goes.

There were several elements that had to be proved in order for the peace order to be issued.

First, it had to be shown that Bill Schmalfeldt had engaged in one of the acts that can trigger a peace order. That was harassment in this case. In order to prove that he had engaged in harassment, I had to show that he engaged in a course of conduct designed to harass, alarm, or seriously annoy me and that he did it after being put on notice to stop communicating with me. I also had to show that he did it without any legal purpose. Let’s examine how that was proven.

Course of conduct. That requires more than a single act. In the first hearing in District Court, that was shown by a series of tweets sent over several days, a blog post, and material included in an Internet talk show, all of which Schmalfeldt acknowledged as his work. In the Circuit Court only tweets were introduced, but this time they ranged over a period of several months.

Harass, alarm, or seriously annoy. The contents of some of the tweets demonstrated an intention to harass. Some of them, in the context in which they were sent, could cause a reasonable person to be alarmed, and some of them were plainly annoying. Furthermore, the tweets were addressed to me and were sent after being placed on notice to stop.

Notice to stop communicating with me. A copy of the blog post and the tweet I sent to Bill Schmalfeldt were placed in evidence. In the Circuit Court case, a tweet he sent acknowledging the existence of my notice was also explicitly introduced. Schmalfeldt authenticated his tweet.

Without any legal purpose. Schmalfeldt claimed that his activity as a “journalist” gave him license to continue to contact me after I had told him to stop. Judge Rasinsky plainly told him that he was wrong in his belief. Both Judge Rasinsky and Judge Stansfield found that Schmalfeldt’s communications addressed to me were sent without any legal purpose. Those findings included the statutory exceptions for political speech or publishing information to others.

Second, I had to show that without a peace order it was likely that Bill Schmalfeldt would continue his harassing behavior. To prove this, additional tweets which were not necessarily directed to me but which discussed his harassment of me were placed in evidence. These tweets came in without objection. The arc of Schmalfeldt’s behavior as shown by the tweets apparently convinced Judge Stansfield.

Aside: My lawyer and I agreed that I should present only enough evidence to secure the peace order. Too much stuff might allow for the possibility of Schmalfeldt’s lawyer finding a bogus point to argue. Most of the available evidence stayed in our briefcases. What Judge Stanfield saw was the tip of the iceberg, but it was enough.

I sought the following relief: That Bill Schmalfeldt should not contact me, attempt to contact me, or harass me.

Here’s the relief granted: In addition to the boilerplate stuff about refraining from a list of crimes such as assault, Bill Scmalfeldt was ordered not to contact me, attempt to contact me, or harass me, and to stay away from my residence for 6 months.

Note that he is free to write about me. He can be as obnoxious or vulgar as he wishes so long as he doesn’t write to me. Or call me on the phone. Or send me mail. Etc.

Twitter has not been put out of business. Bill Schmalfeldt’s First Amendment rights are still intact. What’s also intact is my Ninth Amendment right to be left alone. Schmalfeldt must either respect it or be in contempt of a court order.

Sore Loserman Bill has been frothing at the keyboard about how others don’t have to follow the same rules, how he can be insulted without the right to respond. Bullshit! The Cabin Boy can write about me or Aaron Walker or whomever he chooses as long has he avoids defamation and threats. But if he’s been told not to contact someone, he needs to knock it off.

He claims that his offensive tweets are a response to things written about him. That may be, but his responses are written to rather than about someone. If he writes, “John Doe is a jerk”, he’s written about Doe. If he tweets, “@johndoe is a jerk,” he’s writing to Doe, and if Doe has asked him to stop contacting him, he may be in trouble.

He’s also been whining about feeling dissed by being called things like “Cabin Boy.” Tough. If he can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

If past is prolog, then we can expect that the Cabin Boy’s acting out will continue unless he is further restrained by the courts.

UPDATE—One of the anonymous cowards of Team Kimberlin wishes to comment. WordPress trapped this as spam.TK201307071438V

* * * * *

Schmalfeldt is a slow learner.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It was ten years ago today, that I first covered a court hearing involving Brett Kimberlin. It was Aaron Walker’s successful appeal finally overturning the peace order that had be granted by Judge Vaughy. This was one of Kimberlin’s first losses in his failed campaign of lawfare, and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Oh, and since I didn’t say this then, I’ll say it now: Qapla’

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

My decade of covering the doings of Team Kimberlin began because of Brett Kimberlin’s attempts to silence bloggers who were writing truthfully about him and to punish lawyers who helped defend those bloggers. Kimberlin’s attention became particularly focused on a blogger who was a lawyer, Aaron Walker. Kimberlin sought to shut him up with a bogus peace order which required Aaron to neither speak nor write about Kimberlin. Ten years ago today, I was able to report that Justice had prevailed when an emergency appeal resulted in a partial stay of the peace order eliminating its unconstitutional gag provisions. (The entire peace order was completely thrown out during a further appeal.)

That should have been the top story of the day, but that evening, the top story became BREAKING: Aaron Walker SWATted.

* * * * *

Patterico reports that Aaron Walker was SWATted at around 6 pm ET this evening.

UPDATE—Breitbart has more info here.

Walker told Breitbart News that he was home with his wife this evening at approximately 6:00pm when there was a “pretty insistent” knock at his door. Walker answered to find about six police cars in the street and two officers taking positions against the wall with M4 rifles. Since he was aware of the previous swattings of Patrick “Patterico” Frey, Erick Erickson, and Mike Stack, Mr. Walker asked the police if someone had called and claimed he had killed his wife, and police confirmed that that was the case.

UPDATE 2—Still more at The Camp of the Saints. Apparently, someone is also trying to cause trouble for one of Aaron Walker’s lawyers.

UPDATE 3—Stacy McCain says:

Memo to The Washington Post: This is now what they call “local news.” Get on it.

Don’t hold your breath, Mr. McCain.

UPDATE 4—Aaron Walker posts What Happened Tonight.

One of the officers tonight asked me why I keep talking about Brett Kimberlin if it brings on this kind of trouble. It’s because Freedom of Expression is something I don’t just believe in, but I defend. And this threat to Freedom of Expression needs to be defeated. It is that simple.

When my wife was steadier, and our bellies were full, I opened up my computer again there were 720 new contacts of some kind in my twitter. That was the level of love and support out there. I am just stubborn enough not to need anyone’s prayers or support to see this through, but it’s nice to feel the love. So many perfect strangers tell me they are praying for me—although they are becoming less like strangers every day.

Finally, if anyone from the Washington Post or any other newspaper wants to talk to me, I’ll talk. I’ll give you an earful.

So the bottom line is that thanks in significant part to the Prince William County Police, who handled this with the right sweet spot between concern that a crime might be occurring, and caution, recognizing it might be a hoax, my wife and I are safe. A little shaken up, but determined to fight on.

* * * * *

What an amazing coincidence that Aaron was SWATted on the evening of the day he won that victory in court!

BTW, the judge who granted the unconstitutional restraint of Aaron’s speech was sanctioned by the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disables for his conduct in the case.

Truth and Disinformation

The reporting on the Disinformation Governance Board (ДГБ) here at Hogewash! began last February when it was still in the planning stage. The first post, Experts Recommend, was fairly brief.

The New York Times reports that experts recommend the Biden administration put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a “reality czar.”

The Gestapo, Stasi, and KGB were run by experts.

So I was not surprised when the existence of the ДГБ (that’s DGB is the Russian alphabet) leaked last month. My 28 April posts noted It’s A Bad Idea, But Is It Also Illegal? and presented the official portrait of The Central Scrutinizer.It turned out that Congress has authorized the Department of Homeland Security to get involved in the analysis of certain kinds of propaganda attacks, but it’s my opinion the the agency vastly exceeded its authority in creating the ДГБ.

On 29 April, I posted a viral video Nina Jankowicz had created and posted online herself. I did not edit the video. It’s as she originally posted it to TikTok. It’s also cringeworthy, a self-inflicted wound to her credibility.

Also on the 29th and the 30th, I posted a pair of Are You Pondering What I’m Ponderings that took aim at the ДГБ and the reason for its creation.

There was a great deal of blowback concerning the anti-free speech and anti-free press overreach embedded in the very idea of the ДГБ, especially from the right side of the blogosphere. I posted the Quote of the Day for 2 May in support of that theme.

I would never want to see our executive branch have that sort of power.

—Nina Jankowicz

As more information turned up about Ms. Jankowicz’s background, it began to appear she had been more of source of disinformation than an opponent of it. On 5 May, I posted a portion of her resume on LinkedIn which suggested that when she claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” her point of view could have been through The Lens of Experience.

On 12 May, my post When THE Science Follows THE Narrative dealt with how the Biden Administration is itself spreading misinformation. The post quotes the head of the FDA as claiming that misinformation is “the leading cause of death in the US.”

On the 13th, I posted this Dictionary Update

Effective immediately, all agents, employees, and contractors of the Disinformation Governance Board (ДГБ) shall be referred to as checkists.

Indeed, it seems that those who would check our speech have real philosophical and spiritual connection to the original Chekists.

Yesterday’s post, Democracy Dies in Derpness™, was about Taylor Lorenz’s scoop about the “pausing” of the ДГБ and Ms. Jankowicz’s “resignation.” Part of the spin in Lorenz’s WaPo story is the false narrative—the disinformation—that Nina Jankowiicz was unfairly attacked. Now, it may be true that someone somewhere said something unfair about her, but the overwhelming balance of the coverage of her consisted of accurate reporting of her own statements, publications, and music videos, all reported in proper context. As noted above, her wounds were self-inflicted.

For now the ДГБ is “paused,” a victim of the Xiden Administration’s general incompetence. Its functions will have to move to some other part of the Deep State.

Quote of the Day

No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literacy or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race.

—Richard Feynman

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

T. S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruelest month. Brett Kimberlin might reasonably disagree and nominate March instead. The TKPOTD for seven years ago today catalogs some of Kimberlin’s losses during March.

* * * * *

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has had it rough the last few days. First, he lost his attempt at getting a peace order against me. Next, the false and misleading nature of the tweet he used as evidence during the peace order trial came out, gutting what little case he had. (This may explain why nothing about an appeal or perjury charges against me has appeared in the Maryland Case Search database yet).

The big whammy came day before yesterday when Judge Hazel put TDPK’s RICO Madness out of it’s misery, dismissing all the counts against all the defendants except for the civil rights claim against Patrick Frey. (Go hit Patterico’s tip jar.) That happened just as TDPK was filing RICO2 which I will call Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al.

I’m the only defendant in common between the two RICO suits, and having me in RICO2 is going to be more problems for TDPK than he can imagine.

Stay tuned.

* * * * *

Two things—

First, feel free to keep hitting Patterico’s tip jar. He runs a blog that deserves support.

Second, I’ll stand by my statement that Kimberlin’s worst mistake during his lawfare campaign was tangling with me. And I’m not done with him yet.